About – HOLB LOHB (aka: Reversal Arrows)


Simpler Trading Team

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Determine the trend reversals with visuals queues displaying right on your chart using the ST HOLB LOHB indicator.


What is the HOLB LOHB Indicator? 

Designed as a companion tool for the MTF Trend Indicator, the HOLB LOHB Indicator has the robust calculations behind it to display areas where you can expect price to pull a reversal as it is potentially extended from its moving average. When price gets far enough away from it’s comfort zone, you will typically see an arrow appear and then notice a trend change back to or beyond the moving average. This indicator provides key opportunities to take advantage of extended price levels and helps to time entries in trend markets.

Reading and Understanding the HOLB LOHB Indicator. 

Once you have the indicator installed and loaded onto your charts, you will notice two pieces of key information. There is a price channel tracking a moving average and there are arrows indicator opportunities for trend reversals.

Price ChannelTracks your moving average as a way to determine if price is extended and due for a potential reversion to the mean.

Moving Average Level where price tends to revert back to when price is extended. 

Green ArrowsSignals you that the price is near a point in time where it will experience a bullish trend change.

Red Arrows –  Signals you that the price is near a point in time where it will experience a bearish trend change.

Trading with the HOLB LOHB Indicator.

When searching for opportunities to trade with the HOLB LOHB Indicator, you will want to define areas where the price is near the channel’s edge and an arrow appears indicator a reversion to the mean. The red…

Bottom of Channel Reversals –  These will be accompanied by green arrows and you will often find that price is reversing back to or past the moving average. These are stronger signals since price is near the edge of the channel. The strength will ultimately depend on the distance from the moving average and other factors.

Top of Channels Reversals – Areas where you get red arrows and you will typically see price revert to a short period moving average and sometimes beyond. These are stronger signals since price is near the edge of the channel. 

Weak Signal – Areas where price is not necessarily extended so the reversal may only last a short period of time then continue the trend. 

Which platforms support the HOLB LOHB Indicator? 

Much like the HOLB LOHB companion tool, the MTF Trend Indicator is available for the ThinkorSwim, TradeStation and Ninja Trader platforms. You can find out more about downloading and installing, plus purchase the indicator via the link below. Check out and select which platform you are currently using so we can send you out the proper version.