Sierra Charts – Loading a chart


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Open / load a pre-made chart setup or grid called a chartbook


1) What is a chartbook?

Chartbooks in Sierra Charts are like chart grids in TOS, in the sense that a chartbook can load one or more charts at a time.

Each chartbook file you load will appear as a tab in the main Sierra Charts window.

Clicking on a tab will bring that chartbook’s windows forward.

2) Where do I put the chartbook files?

You can manually find and open a chartbook file anywhere the file is on your computer, however to have chartbooks all load in the Open Chartbook window at once, see below.

Depending on if you are using the platform with a broker or signed up with Sierra independently will determine which folder on your computer you will put the files.

If using Sierra Charts independently

Go to the (C:) drive and open the SierraChart folder.

Place your chartbook files in the Data folder.

If using the Infinity platform

Go to the (C:) drive and open the SierraChart folder as above.

Open the SierraChartTransActMA folder

Place your chartbook files in the Data folder.

3) Load/open a chartbook

Go to File > Open Chartbook in the main Sierra window.

If you put the files in the Data folder (see step 2) then the chartbooks should show up in the Open Chartbook dialog window.

Just left click on the chartbook you want and then choose Open.

If you want to find the files manually, then click on Folder and find the file on your computer you want to load.

Opening charts for the first time can take a moment. Sierra Charts loads the data locally on your computer, but once there, the charts will load much faster.