How to make HOLB/LOHB (reversal arrows) bigger on your TradeStation chart.


Simpler Trading Team

1 min read

Below you find a explanation on how to make the HOLB/LOHB (reversal arrows) bigger on your TradeStation chart.

Upon first applying the HOLB/LOHB (reversal arrows)  indicator to your chart the “reversal arrows” may seem to display small. You can increase the size of the arrows by doing the following steps. 

Step 1.
Right-click on the + symbol on your TradeStation chart.

Step 2.
When you right-click a menu will populate. From the menu, you want to be sure to select “Edit “ST_HOLB_LOHB” (as displayed in the image below). 

Step 3.
After clicking “Edit “ST_HOLB_LOHB” the “Customize Showme” screen will appear. Within this screen, you want to select “Style” from the left-side menu. 

Step 4.
Once you click “Style” in the “Plots” section click “LongSignal” and then move over to the “Weight” section and select the size you want the “HOLB/LOHB” to display at. Once done select “OK”.  Please note you will need to change both the LongSignal and the ShortSignals. So you will repeat the same step for both. 

Once you have completed those steps your HOLB/LOHB (reversal arrows) will display larger.