VWAP Max- Settings and Anchors


Simpler Trading Team

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Below is a brief description on the settings for the VWAP Max.

VWAP Settings and Anchors



The VWAPMax originally released with the Sub Market Sonar class as a suite of indicators that included:

  • ST_VProfile
  • ST_VScore

Cyan line – Volume weighted average price – VWAP
Pink/Green Bands (long dashes) – Maximum permissible envelope
Pink/Green bands (short dashes) – Standard deviation envelope 


Volume required:

VWAP, VScrore and VProfile are volume weighted calculations. No volume = no calculation. These indicators will not work on Forex or indexes like SPX with no volume.


End of Day Settings: 

Standard Deviations- Enter the number of standard deviations used in calculating the max VWAP envelope. The default is 3.0 and should generally be left alone. 


ST_VWAPMax_EndofDay TOS settings


End of Day anchors


Daily chart
Minor High Max
Minor Low Max



Intraday anchors

1-minute chart AM (pre-11:30 ET)
2:00 ET 0200 AM ET
7:00 ET
9:30 ET
1-minute chart PM (post-11:30 ET)
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
1:30 PM