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Display enhanced overbought and oversold signals using the Turbo Volume Zone Oscillator.


VZO turbo is a volume and momentum indicator and has a companion study called Turbo VZO Signals. 

Turbo VZO is based on the Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO) but comes with a unique twist that makes the VZO more easy to read and a useful indicator.

Turbo VZO shows volume in and volume out, meaning it lets you know when volume is extended or is cratering at a bottom. 

The red zone is the over-bought area. This is the sell signal zone.
First red line is minor sell.
The top of the zone is major sell. 

Yellow is the “Chop Zone” or consolidation. 

The green zone is the over-sold area. This is the buy signal zone.
The first green line is minor buy.
The bottom of the zone is major buy. 

When VZO crosses over the zero line it is confirmation that buyers are coming in.

The VZO oscillator can cross through the zero line multiple times (chop) prior to price committing to a move. 

The Turbo VZO oscillator is filtered then color coded to visually help reduce noise and false confirmation signals showing more confirmed buys and sells.  

The Turbo VZO indicator is part of Danielle’s Short Interest Secrets class.
Other indicators that were introduced with the class are Turbo VZO Signals and Turbo Trend Strength Candles as shown below.