10X – I can’t see the volume dots for the 10X indicator on my chart in Tradestation


Simpler Trading Team

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How to display the 10X Volume Dots on a chart

10X – I can’t see the volume dots

If you are not seeing the Volume Dots on the chart, there are likely two reasons for this.

  • They are not applied to the chart correctly.
  • They are too small to see.

STEP 1:  

Apply 10X volume dots.

There are 2 studies that come with the 10X indicator.

A Paintbar Study (ST_10x) that colors the candles / bars.
A ShowMe Study (ST_VolumeStrength) that places the Volume Dots on the chart. :

First make sure the Volume Dot are applied to the chart correctly by applying them to the chart. Go to:

Add Study > ShowMe > ST_VolumeStrength


Increase the size of the dots.

Now that we are sure the 10x Volume Dots are properly applied to the chart, we can change the size of the dots to make them easy to see.
Choose Studies > Edit Studies

The Customize Studies and Strategies window will display. See screenshot below.

From the Customize Studies window, left click on the Volume Strength indicator.
Increasing the Weight of the dots will make them easy to see on the chart.

In Tradestation 9.5, go to:
Format > Analysis Techniques…

Click on:
ST_VolumeStrength study > Style tab > choose a line weight

As you can see, the volume dots can get very difficult to see the smaller they are.