10X Bars – Settings


Simpler Trading Team

Nov 30th 2022  .  1 min read

Change or adjust settings on the 10X paintbar study.

10X Settings

Different settings for the 10X are utilized on different platforms for the 10X. See below for ones that are commonly adjusted.

Trading View

Moving the volume dots.

Access the settings from the study’s icons in the top left of the chart, or right-click on the study and choose Settings.

In the some cases, you may need to be creative to be able to right-click on the indicator. For example, the 10X indicator may be difficult to right-click on.

A solution in this case is to move the volume dots off the candles in order to be able to click on them.

  • Click on the reveal arrow on the upper left corner of the chart and choose the settings gear wheel icon to the left of the name of the indicator.
  • From the popup menu, choose Above Bar.


The colors of the 10X candles can be changes in the Globals tab at the bottom of the study’s settings window.


Adjust the volume dots using the line weight found in the edit studies window.