True Low Indicator

Know exactly when to buy hot stocks at bargain prices

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation, and TradingView

How Do We use It?

The True Low Indicator is designed to identify the “best” price to buy a stock and buy as close to “True Low” prices as possible.

This breakthrough tool uses Allison’s proprietary formula to identify when a stock has finished falling and is positioned to rally. Along with the ability to signal the lowest prices, Allison uses the indicator to help keep her from buying a falling stock too early.


Options Traders

Futures Traders

ETF Traders

Stock Traders

New to Advanced Traders


“I got the True Low indicator and I've gotta say that it's already paying off, especially in conjunction with others like the TrendOsc/HiLo”

- LLTrillJ

“Really glad this class dove right into the meat of the information we need to know, well done!! (Allisons' True Low Class)”

- Laura

“Great Seminar Allison.  You explained the indicator and your logic so clearly and succinctly. You have such an easy style that comes across the web so well.”

- PetLover

“Thank you - you're my favorite analyst”

- oy Schroeder

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A: Absolutely! You will receive a prerecorded session with Eric Purdy on installation of the indicators, along with textual guides and other valuable materials.

A: Traders who purchase this bundle will have access to these indicators and all videos associated with it forever with no additional fees.

This Indicator Bundle works with ThinkorSwim, Tradestation, and TradingView.