VProfile settings and anchors


Simpler Trading Team

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Below you will find the settings and configuration set-up for the VProfile.

VProfile Settings and Anchors


The VWAPMax originally released with the Sub Market Sonar class as a suite of indicators that included:

  • ST_VProfile
  • ST_VScore


Volume required:

VWAP, VScrore and VProfile are volume weighted calculations. No volume = no calculation. These indicators will not work on Forex or indexes like SPX with no volume.


Display Settings:

  • White central line- Volume Point of Control- VPOC
  • Pink Upper Line- Value Area High
  • Green Lower Line- Value Area Low

End of Day anchors

VPROFILE (VAH, POC, VAL) Price and Volume levels

Daily chart

1st trading day of the year VPRO for the year, also add a second instance of VProfile to the chart anchored to the 1st of the month VPRO for month

  • Start Date YYYYMMDD- Enter the start date in YYYYMMDD format. 


  • Start YYYY- Enter the start year in YYYY format. 
  • Start MM- Enter the start month in MM format. 
  • Start DD- Enter the start day in DD format.

The start of the new year / month bring new anchors. 

For instance, if we are at the start of 2020, this means as best practice to anchor yearly VProfile to Jan 1, 2020.
Sometimes there is a quirk in the indicator so if it disappears, go with the last day of the prior year. In this example Dec 31, 2019

VProfiles can also be anchored for the month.
So January would be Jan 1, February would be Feb 1.
It is often advantageous to wait about seven days into the new month before updating the date.

Intraday Anchors: 

1-minute chart

9:30 ET (the opening bell on Wall Street)

  • Anchor Time EST- Enter the start time EST in HHMM format. 


  • Anchor Time- Enter the start time in local timezone in HHMM format.