Types of Voodoo Lines Download Files


Simpler Trading Team

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When I update my voodoo lines, which file do I use?

Voodoo Line file types

When you update your Voodoo lines, there are several different downloads you may choose from. 

NOTE: You will need to be a current subscriber of Voodoo to receive the Stock/Options updates. Futures/ETF/Forex updates come free with purchase of the Voodoo lines.

There three things to keep in mind so you download and install the file that you want.



1)   STOCK vs. BASE levels:

STOCK = This file has lines for both stock and futures.

BASE = This file only contains Futures / ETF / Forex updates.

2)   Light Study (or Lt):

Light = This file is for use with white or lighter chart background colors.

3)   Moguls

Moguls = This file contains Voodoo lines for intraday charts only. These are lines that only show on time frames of less than a day. 

Moguls appear as dashed lines when zoomed into the chart. 


Here is the stock ticker symbol TWLO. 

To see Voodoo display on this ticker, make sure you are using the “Stock” version of Voodoo. 

Apply the Stock version of the Voodoo lines on the chart to see ANY ticker supported by Voodoo (Stock and Futures).

Look at the name of the file applied to the chart, see if the word “Stock” appears in the name of the indicator file. 

If you use the Futures / ETF / Forex only version of Voodoo, you will not see lines appear on Stock / Equities ticker symbols. 

If it doesn’t have the word “Stock” in the name, then it is the Futures / ETF / Forex only version of Voodoo. 

Supported Futures / ETF / Forex ticker symbols are included with the purchase

      Sample Indicator download page.