Watchlist – Phoenix Trend Strength watchlist column code and shared links


Simpler Trading Team

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The Phoenix Finder is a tool for researching stocks and ticker symbols in those baskets to gain insight into strength or weakness.

You can set up your Custom Phoenix Trend Strength Candles Column 2 ways. 

First by copying the below code into a Custom Script in TOS. Once you have the code pasted into a Custom Script you will be able to apply the column to any of your watchlists.

Second by using the shared links provided. 


The Phoenix Finder / Trend Strength watch-list in TOS is available for free by following the instructions below.

Custom Code:

# ST_TrendStrengthCandleColumn
# (c) 2019 Simpler Trading, LLC
# Last update 03/19/19
# By Eric Purdy

# Shared Link –

def Length1 = 5;
def Length2 = 8;
def Length3 = 13;
def Length4 = 21;
def Length5 = 34;

def ema1 = expAverage(close, Length1);
def ema2 = expAverage(close, Length2);
def ema3 = expAverage(close, Length3);
def ema4 = expAverage(close, Length4);

def u1 = ema1 > ema2;
def u2 = ema2 > ema3;
def u3 = ema3 > ema4;

def d1 = ema1 < ema2;
def d2 = ema2 < ema3;
def d3 = ema3 < ema4;

def trendStrength = if (u1 and u2 and u3) then 2 else if (u1 and u2 and !u3) then 1 else if (d1 and d2 and d3) then -2 else if (d1 and d2 and !d3) then -1 else 0;

addLabel(yes, “Trend”, if trendStrength == 2 then else if trendStrength == 1 then color.dark_green else if trendStrength == -2 then else if trendStrength == -1 then color.dark_red else color.yellow);


If you don’t want to copy and paste the above code, just use the following SHARED LINKS to add the custom column to the TOS watchlist: