Trading View – Installing an indicator


Simpler Trading Team

1 min read

Receiving and Installing indicators for Trading View

In order to use the Simpler Trading Indicators, you will need to first send in your Username for TradingView so we can authorize your use. 

Adding a TradingView Script directly from the chart: Watch Below!

Once you have sent us in your Trading View Username, we will notify you through your Trading View notification area that the Indicator has been delivered and is available for you.

Once you select the Notification Icon as shown above, you will see that you have been given access to the ST Squeeze.

Click on the chart icon, you will be able to open the indicator and learn more. 

Scroll down and Add the indicator to your Favorite Scripts, once you have done this you’ll be able to add it to your charts. 

Now that you have Added the indicator to your Favorite Scripts you can open your Charts and add it to start using the tool. From the top, select Indicators, then ‘Invite Only Scripts’ from the menu on the right. 

Next select the Squeeze to apply to your chart and you are all set.