Tradestation – Only part of the indicator is showing


Simpler Trading Team

1 min read

I saved and installed the GRaB study but only part of it shows on the chart. How do I install an indicator so it looks right?

Finding the right study type

Some Tradestation indicators have more than one part to install on the chart.
We’ll use the GRaB candles as an example. When you install a TradeStation indicator, the install wizard tells you what parts of the study there are.
As an example, the installer for the GRaB indicator installs more than one part of the study.

It will also show the names of each part of the study. 

After installation:

Studies > Add Study…

On the left side choose the appropriate study type.
In this case, GRaB has an indicator part…

…and a paintbar part. 

If all parts are added to the chart, the indicator will look correct. 

If you have installed your indicator but it does not show on your charts, read how to fix the problem here.