TOS – Setting up scan criteria in the Stock or Option Hacker in Thinkorswim.


Simpler Trading Team

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How do I increase or decrease the amount of results I get in a scan and then sort the search results

General search and sorting of scans in TOS

Look for the Scan tab in the top left of the TOS application.
From there choose the Stock Hacker or Option Hacker sub-tabs. 

1) You can set which group of symbols to search from in the “Scan in:” menu. 

2) From there you may narrow the results by combining that with another set of symbols from the “Intersect with:” menu. 

3) Once you have selected the ticker symbols to search for, add filters to narrow down your search results. 

There are two sections that use different logic for filters.

All of the following

In the All of the following section, the criteria for all of the filters in this section will need to be met for a search result to display.

Any of the following

 In the Any of the following section, the criteria for any one of the filters here will need to be met for a search result to display. 

At the right side of each section, click the “+ Add filter” drop-down menu to add a new filter.

4) You may wish to sort the list based on a column header like Symbol, Description, Volume, etc. 

Just click on the column name to sort in descending or ascending order. 

5) When there are more results than symbols being displayed, increase the number of symbols in the “Show:” drop down menu.

If you are getting too many results, you will not be able to review the list effectively.

Try reducing the number of results by adjusting the search criteria above.