Top Hat Scan in TOS


Simpler Trading Team

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Code / script to use in the stock hacker in ThinkOrSwim to scan for Top or Bottom Hats

Scan script

See below script that can be used to make a custom scan filter in the TOS Stock or Options Hacker.

You will need to have the Top Hat Scan indicator helper file installed into TOS to run the scripts below. If you need the Top Hat Scan study file, please email support. 

Video tutorial on setting up the Top Hat scans.

Scanning for the TopHat in Thinkorswim

Create three scan filters for the timeframes you would like to set the TopHat scan. For instance, the default time frames for the Top Hat indicator are month, week and day.

Top Hat scans to use with TOS:

# Top Hat Scan


#Bottom Hat Scan

Make sure you using only one of the above scans per filter.