Squeeze Pro Scans in TOS


Simpler Trading Team

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Squeeze Pro Low, Mid, and High Compression scans in ThinkOrSwim’s Stock Hacker


Squeeze Pro scans may be created manually as a custom scan or from shared links.

The following Squeeze Pro Scans will not work unless the Squeeze Pro Scan helper file is downloaded from the Squeeze Pro download page and imported into TOS

Custom Scans

Use one of the scans below as per the above instructions to create custom Squeeze Pro scans in the Stock Hacker (also pictured below):

Low scan:

ST_SqueezePRO_Scan(“squeeze type” = “Low”)

Mid scan:


High scan:

ST_SqueezePRO_Scan(“squeeze type” = “high”)

Step 1:

Add Filter

Step 2:

Select Study from list

Step 3:

Change the study to Custom

Step 4:

Add custom code in the thinkScript Editor

Step 5:

Run the scan

Shared Scans / links

Additionally, you can add scans using shared links:

The following are three Squeeze Pro shared scan links:

Squeeze Pro Low – http://tos.mx/mi6qbrG

Squeeze Pro Mid – http://tos.mx/ytQdtDc

Squeeze Pro High – http://tos.mx/fuo3nBZ