Sierra Charts – Loading a chart produces error message


Simpler Trading Team

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Opening SierraChart chartbook creates “Unable to locate symbol” or “Download failed” error.

Chart(s) or Chartbook not opening as expected

An error occurs similar to:

Unable to locate symbol” or “Download failed

Data feed differences

Entering tickers in Sierra Chart using an independent data feed, like the one you sign up with from the Sierra site, may differ from Infinity users who have Sierra.

For example, for futures contracts, the year is represented differently.

Infinity users should use ESU0 as the ticker

Independent data users would use ESU20

ES is the underlying

Letter U represents the month of September

0 and 20 represent the year, respectively.

See link below for contract months.

Translate all symbols

Go to:

Edit > Translate Symbols To Current Service


Go to:

Chart > chart settings

Find the Symbol field.

Click Apply and OK

It may take a few moments to update.