Phoenix Finder – Settings and Configuration


Simpler Trading Team

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What settings you can I change with the Phoenix Finder?

Overview Of The Settings Window


Phoenix is essentially a multi-ticker representation the Trend Strength with alignment of the trend, price, and / or 8/21 cross added. Phoenix Finder can map 1 to 15 tickers. The base ticker on the chart will not affect what is going on in the indicator. Tickers are listed in order, top (highest number) to bottom (lowest) from 15 down to 1 in the settings and the display on the chart.


To change a ticker symbol just type the ticker in the field of the indicator settings window. If it is a valid ticker, it should enter just fine. For ticker symbols you enter in Phoenix, they should trade in the same time frame. For example, it is best not to mix gold futures with equities because they do not have the same trading hours. Remember to check if your symbols are trading in like-for-like hours. You can do an internet search for ticker symbols and trading hours. 

For best results with equities and options, use a regular trading hours (RTO) chart. Chart Settings > Equities (or options) Tab > Show Extended-Hours Trading Session: Leave un-checked. Also, leave the “Start aggregations at market open” checked. 

For best results with futures, use an extended trading hours chart. Chart Settings >Futures Tab > Show Extended-Hours Trading Session: Leave checked. 


 Ticker symbols should be removed starting with the highest to lowest. Removing a ticker in the middle of the list will result in the indictor not collapsing to the proper size.

Removing tickers starting from the top of the list will result in the indicator collapsing to the proper size.

In TradeStation, to leave a ticker out, just leave empty quote marks. The quote marks must be there with no spaces or characters between them to remove a ticker symbol from the chart display. 

As best practice, if you want to leave a value for a ticker symbol blank, start with the highest number and work down to the lowest number (same as in TOS).


Vertical Expansion: 

Change the vertical space the Phoenix using click and drag. Move your mouse over the divider between the Phoenix and the space above it. The mouse pointer will change to an up/down arrow. Left click an hold, then drag the mouse up or down to the height you want.

Line Weight: 

Line weights can be changed in both TOS and TradeStation for the dashes, squares, circles and other markers.

For TOS users, use the drop-down menu in the indicator’s customizing / settings window. Scroll to the bottom of the list of inputs, change “dash size” or “square size”. The line weights in TOS can be changed on a line by line basis by selecting the appropriate tab, then “Width” at the bottom of the settings window.