Phoenix Finder – Change the way it shows on the chart in Tradestation


Simpler Trading Team

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How do I change the size of the dots and dashes on the Phoenix Finder Indicator?

How to change the way the Phoenix Finder displays on a Tradestation Chart. 

To begin you will need to left click “Format” and from that drop down menu select “Analysis Techniques”.

Next you would need to left click on the “ST_PhoenixFinder” and select “Format” in v9.5 and “Customize” in v10.

Format Indicator: ST_PhoenixFinder

From that selection, a menu titled “Format Indicator: ST_PhoenixFinder” should now be open. From the top of that menu select “style”. In the “plots” category you will see some plots titled “symb#_X”. When you see “symb#_X”, it represents the plus signs on phoenix finder. To adjust to your plus signs you will click on a thicker, or thinner “weight” which can reduce or increase the size of the plus sign. In Tradestation 10, go to the customize menu.


For the Circle/Dots you will still remain in the same menu in the same place. The only difference is you will use the “SYMB#_S” for the Circles/Dots adjustments. You will follow the same as before and use the “weight” category to adjust the size.


Lastly, if you are needing to update the size of the Dashes you will remain within the same menu. Your Dash Plots will be “SYMB1, SYMB4, SYMB10”. Just like the previous, you will make the adjustments in the “weight” category.

You can adjust the way the chart looks how you like. It may look similar to the below screenshot when you are done.