Pasting an Order in TOS


Simpler Trading Team

1 min read

Copy and Paste a Trade Alert as an order into TOS.

Step 1

From the alerts window, find the order you want to copy.

Alerts from the Alerts window

Click and drag over the text of the order to highlight it.

If you copy extra spaces or text, the order will not paste into TOS correctly.

Click and drag over the text to highlight it graphic

Right-click on the highlighted text.

From the drop-down menu, left-click on Copy.

Copy the text

Step 2

In TOS, click on the Order Entry Tools tab in the lower left of the main TOS window.

Click on the order entry

Step 3

Left click on the Paste order from clipboard button on the lower right side of the Order Entry sub-tab.

paste order from the clipboard

Step 4

The order from the clipboard will be pasted into TOS. Check your order prior to clicking on the Confirm and Send button.

Clipboard will paste into TOS