John Carter – Small Account Mastery (SAM)


Simpler Trading Team

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John’s SAM membership focuses on his Small Account Secrets class strategies and methodology with ongoing trade alerts and live sessions.

Small Account Mastery

John Carter’s Small Account Mastery membership was created to focus on all of the trades, strategies, and methodology of Simpler Trading’s Founder, John Carter.

Members of the Small Account Mastery (SAM) will have access to various benefits including:

  1. Access to John’s SAM Real-Time Trade Alerts available both on your computer and sent to your mobile device through the (FREE)
  2. Simpler Trading mobile app.
  3. John’s SAM Trade Spreadsheet – which list the trades John has made this year, as well as documenting his historical 2020 and 2019 trades as well.
  4. The SAM Trading Room – where you can view John trading live on a monthly basis, and also where all of the trade alerts will be posted. This room is open 24/7 to members, and John and his room moderators provide many bonus links/charts/etc..
  5. The Live Trading Archives – All of John’s live trading sessions in the SAM are recorded and are posted for later viewing for members.
  6. The SAM Learning Center – A collection of easy to follow pages that walk through the different types of trades and when/how to use them, how to set up your charts, and more.