How to Set-up Average True Range (ATR)


Simpler Trading Team

1 min read

Read to learn how to use Keltner Channels, available with your platform, to set up the ATR channels on your chart and recreate John’s 3 ATR setup.

TOS users may also use the following shared chart link:

See the video below to learn how to manually set up John’s 3 ATR setup.


Open the Edit Studies and Strategies window.
Find Keltner Channels in the indicator list of your platform. 


Add three instances of Keltner Channels to your chart. 


Change the settings for each instance of the Keltner Channels. 

Set the first instance to a factor of 1.0

The second instance to a factor of 2.0

And the third instance to a factor of 3.0

John often will use exponential instead of simple averages in the settings for average type and true range average type.

The 1, 2, and 3 ATR channels should now be set up on your chart.