How to save and download Raghee Horner’s indicators


Simpler Trading Team

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Raghee will typically have her charts loaded with the GRaB, Exponential Moving Averages, the ST Darvas, ST Propulsion and the ST GRaB Candles. These indicators allow her to maintain an eye on underlying support and resistance as well as do trend analysis in order to execute high probability trades on a consistent basis. 

Here are instructions and a link to download Raghee Horner’s GRaB Candles, Moving Averages, Propulsion and Darvas indicators for Thinkorswim (TOS) and Tradestation (TS).

Raghee also shares indicators at:

You can download and install these indicators for free from several of the most popular platforms available to you. If you are a Tradestation user, you can simply go to the Tradestation App Store and download the indicators from there. If you are a Thinkorswim user or a Ninja Trader user, check out the article  links below for more information on how to get these indicators set up in your platform. If you are a Trading View user, you can search for the indicators under the Scripts section of the site. You can also use the links provide below. 

Thinkorswim (TOS)

To use a shared chart in TOS.
Copy and paste this shared link into TOS:
Please go to: Setup > Open Shared item > paste link into Shared item URL: > Open 

Tradestation (TS)

Importing ELD Files

You can download and import the files below from the FILE > IMPORT/EXPORT EASY LANGUAGE… > then Select Import EasyLanguage file (ELD, ELS or ELA) and browse your system directory to find the indicator file ST_TOPS_PKG


Loading Tradestation Workspace

You can download and open the workspace via the file below. Download the file, then open Tradestation and navigate to FILE> Open Workspace… then navigate to the file TOPS_PKG.tsw

Trading View: 

Proulsion Dots :

Darvas 2.0 :

GRaB Candles :