How to change the colors of indicators on Thinkorswim?


Simpler Trading Team

Sep 28th 2022  .  1 min read

Issue: Is it possible to change the colors of the indicator? My background and the indicator color are not comfortable together.

Changing the color

To customize your Thinkorsiwm charts by changing the color of the indicators, open the indicator’s customizing window. 
1. Click on the Edit Studies icon (looks like the bottom half of an hourglass).

tos indicator colors 4

2. Colors may be changed in the Plots tab or the Globals section. 

tos indicator colors 3

3. In this example we are changing the color of the blue candles on the Early In-N-Out indicator.  

tos indicator colors 1

4. The new color will now display on the chart.  
Before (left) and After (right):

tos charts 2
tos charts 1

Re-cap – changing the colors of indicators on Thinkorswim:
Edit Studies and Strategies > Settings icon (gear wheel) > Global or tab color

tos indicator colors 2