TOS – Create a study alert


Simpler Trading Team

1 min read

Create a study alert using the condition wizard in Thinkorswim.

Creating a study alert

This can be done for some studies in TOS, and 3rd party indicators like the GRaB candle waves for example; depending on the complexity of the study.

1) Right Click on the chart to reveal the drop-down menu.
Choose Create Alert…

2) From the Create Alert window, left click on the Price drop-down menu.

3) In the condition wizard, delete the existing filter / condition.
Click on Add condition.

4) Choose Price.
From the following menu, click on the function of price (close, high, low, etc.)

5) Choose what action price will need to perform to trigger the alert.
In this case, we want the close of the price to cross the study.
On the right side, choose Study.

6) Choose the study.

7) Adjust the Inputs or other settings for the indicator as needed.

8) Don’t forget to set the appropriate aggregation period (time frame).
Click OK.

9) Choose how you wish to receive the alert and other settings.
Click Create.

To receive alerts for reverse crossovers, look in under the alert options.

Click on the reveal arrow to view the menu.

10) The alert will appear under:

MarketWatch > Alerts.