Charting platforms at Simpler Trading


Simpler Trading Team

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Platform Simpler indicators are available on.

Platforms used by Traders at Simpler

Interactive Brokers

See link below for available studies.

Thinkorswim (TOS)

Almost all Simpler Trading indicators are available on the TOS platform.


Most indicators are available for Tradestation.

Trading View

See link below for available studies.

Tasty Works

See link below for available studies.

Motive Wave

Some studies are currently available like Voodoo Lines.

Ninja Trader

Indicators are no longer available for NT.

Mobile Apps

Most Simpler Indicators are too complicated to work on broker mobile apps. Simpler does not guarantee functionality on any mobile platform.

If you have been previously authorized for your current machine ID, you should be able to use your indicator(s).
If your machine ID changes, we will not be able to authorize you.

If this is the case, please contact support and we will sent you your previously purchased indicator for a different platform.