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Simpler Trading Team

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Jack Roberts’ colorized volume comparison tool for multi time frame comparison



VSense is a basic volume indicator that “makes the process simpler when you have it”.

It does not determine buy / sell volume, but rather reads live volume and creates a “color thermometer” for the purpose of easy comparison. When applied to a chart, on any given time frame VSense’s moving average is a % of average volume. The default being 20 periods, but is adjustable to any length.

What the colors mean:

Red / orange = below average volume

Yellow = average volume

Green = above average volume

How Jack uses it:

Jack Combines the VSense with MACD, RSI and 10X bars.

Since 10X based on DMI with ADX and gives good a idea of conviction, it is a good pairing with the VSense.

Jack uses the VSense as a comparison between his main time frames.

Perfect for futures, VSense is designed to use as comparison tool between time frames and works best when comparing and looking for probability on lower time frame charts. Used properly, VSense can help give the trader an instantaneous readout if current volume is building on any given time frame.