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Simpler Trading Team

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Phoenix Finder companion study. Candles describe the different states of the trend through multiple EMA alignment.

Trend Strength Candles

Trend Strength Candles is a companion study to the Phoenix Finder Indicator.
Candles correspond to symbols in the Phoenix Finder study. 

The Trend Strength Candles is designed to let you quickly look at a chart and determine if the ticker is trending strongly, trending weakly, or somewhere in the middle.

Quickly identify strong and weak tickers based on the Fibonacci based multi EMA alignment of the Phoenix Finder. Identify if you are seeing a strong ticker in an up-trending market and bet against weak ones in a down-trending market.

This unique study debuted as part of Danielle’s Phoenix Finder class.


  • Strong Trend Up – Bright green candles
  • Trend up – Dark green candles
  • Strong Trend Down – Bright red candles
  • Trend down – Dark red candles
  • Trend Flat – Yellow candles