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What is the Phoenix Finder Turbo indicator and what does it do?

About Phoenix Finder Turbo

The Phoenix Finder Turbo is an updated version of the original Phoenix Finder. Along with its companion study, the Trend Strength Candles, it is designed to assist in finding the strongest / weakest ticker(s) in a sector.

The new features of Phoenix Turbo are the blue volume dots, percentages of stocks, and a built-in user defined text label to name user defined sector groups.

The blue dots show high volume moves which equate to big money moves. The new percentage aspect labels show how close a ticker is to reaching the new all time highs. 100% would mean that it was hitting the new all time high.

The Phoenix Finder Turbo is a tool for researching baskets of stocks and ticker symbols in those baskets to gain insight into strength or weakness. Search overall market health within indexes and sectors, metals or currencies. Through comparative analysis of up to 15 different securities, narrow which sectors to look at or symbols within a sector as they transition in and out of various trends; like communication, technology, industrial, healthcare, or your favorite up and coming companies.

The Phoenix companion study, called the Trend Strength Candles, is designed to let you quickly look at a chart and determine if the symbol is trending strongly, trending weakly, or somewhere in the middle.

Phoenix also demonstrates the ‘canaries in the coal mine.’ Otherwise known as the stocks most likely to roll over and die. This allows traders to jump in on some of the best short opportunities.

The Phoenix Finder can be run with just equities using regular trading hours or just futures with extended hours enabled. Map up to 15 equities, ETFs or Futures to find strength and weakness with tickers that trade in the same sector.