The Top Tier Pro System

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Discover Raghee’s New Calibrated Swing Trading System

The Top Tier Pro Trading System

The market has changed quite a bit since Raghee originally released her Totally Obnoxious Profits Strategy (TOPS) in 2017. Now traders must adapt to new market conditions and the challenges of modern technology, such as algorithms and zero-dated options. The Top Tier pro trading system is the next generation of the foundational tools Raghee has been using to stay consistent in any market for almost 35 years now. 

This system is the new evolution of tools that every trader should start with to analyze any symbol in any time frame in any market condition.

Discover how Raghee takes personal opinions out of trading to take advantage of what’s being shown on her charts.

This Course is Good For

New to seasoned swing traders

Long-term/ Busy traders

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Indicator Tool Package

Get the same newly calibrated indicators Raghee wouldn't trade without to tackle almost every market. This bundle includes the Top Tier GRaY Candles + Top Tier Wave, Top Tier Multi-Structure with Labels, Top Tier Propulsion Dots, and the Secret Squiggle.
1 Year DPMR Subscription
(included in the Elite package only)
Daily Price Movement Range (DPMR) is a 6-month historical look back at daily price movement ranges. This means you can now decide on prices for entries, targets, and exits that are based on historical data. This is for trades that last from 24 hours to weeks.
1 Year Subscription Sector Secrets Mastery
(included in the Elite package only)
Sector Secrets Mastery is where Raghee shares her actual trades in real-time. With this annual membership, you’ll get daily guidance from Raghee as she targets swing trades, day trades, long-term trades, and portfolio-building setups. This Mastery is your opportunity to follow her in live trading sessions five days a week.

Plus, there's more of what you can look forward to in Sector Secrets
  • Live DAY trading sessions 5 days a week.
  • Live tech session once a week.
  • Raghee’s EOD trades that take only ONE hour a day (5 hours a week).
  • What your P&L needs to see for steady growth year after year.
  • How to make the best watchlist for your trading.
4 Breakout Sessions
Here at Simpler, our job is to make sure no trader gets left behind. That’s why these breakout sessions are meant to get people up to speed with chart setups, order placing, reading alerts, and more ongoing guidance from Raghee. Get four breakout sessions when you purchase the Elite bundle.

Breakout Session dates Include:
April 16th, April 18th, April 23rd, and April 25th from 3:00 - 4:00pm ET


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Managing Director of Futures Trading

Raghee’s exposure to the markets began in a rather unconventional way almost 35 years ago. She began charting her mutual fund progress on engineering graph paper at the age of 15. Once she noticed her money was growing while she was sleeping… she never looked back.

Raghee’s trading style was created by a sequential process for building her trades. She’s most well-known for her specific tools (like her GRaB Candles and 34 EMA Wave). As a trend trader, identifying a dominant market trend is the first step. She uses three exponential moving averages and color-coded candles to visually identify the sentiment, momentum, and trend.

Her strategies, together with her indicators, allow any trader to approach the market more objectively, removing unsupported bias and emotions that can cloud judgment. Raghee utilizes fundamentals, technicals, and price action to deploy an objective, systematized strategy. Trading futures, currencies, options, and equities across any time frame is Raghee’s area of expertise. If you’re looking for a foot in the door in any of these areas of trading, she’s the best there is.

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