R.A.F! Pro is a Price Oscillator That Dynamically Shows if a Stock is Overbought or Oversold on ALL Timeframes

Finally, get the indicator that tells John Carter
exactly when to “go big” and when to “get out”

With this Special Offer You Get Instant Access To: R.A.F! Pro Indicator + R.A.F! Pro Scan +
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This indicator-based system identifies turning points and reversals using an objective 3 step system

Now’s your chance to get the precise timing system that helped John Carter generate EIGHT 7-figure trades in just 24 months…

What’s his secret? He cracked the trade timing code with David Starr’s super popular Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro indicator (R.A.F! Pro). It’s John’s secret weapon for knowing exactly when to “go big” and when to get out…

Like this $3.5 million TSLA trade…


Note: This was a real 7-figure setup John Carter took during an online trading session…

John uses the R.A.F! Pro because it tells him when to get in (and stay in) potential ‘grand slam’ trades (and when to get out of fakeouts quickly).

R.A.F! Pro is so precise it allows John to catch major reversals while avoiding costly whipsaws as much as possible!

The results speak for themselves.

John’s first 7-figure trade was in TSLA back in January 2014 ($1.4 million in 24 hours).

After ‘cracking the timing code’ in 2020 John racked up EIGHT 7-figure home runs!

His biggest winner (so far) totalled $5.2 million on a monster GOOGL trade…

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 4.00.39 PM

Of course, not every one of John’s R.A.F! Pro winners is a 7-figure home run…

Here he caught a quick reversal in IWM that banked $250k…


Now you know why John believes targeting reversals is the fastest way to grow an account!

The R.A.F! Pro is his go-to tool because it’s designed to…

Identify reversals with extreme precision

Give early warning as a turning point approaches

Provide a simple 3-step process for timing trades

Eliminate much of the “noise” that plague other oscillators

Help pick entries and exits during trend retracements

Complement your favorite tools like TrendSpark or the Squeeze

With this Special Offer, You Get Instant Access To:
R.A.F! Pro Indicator + R.A.F! Pro Scan + R.A.F! Pro Scan Quick Start + Bonus: Indicator Setup + Bonus: Lifetime Updates

The New Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro Indicator

Imagine ONLY trading when the time was right as much as possible…

Imagine NO more missed opportunities from “analysis paralysis”…

Imagine not getting burned by any more “FOMO” trades!

That’s the vision behind this breakthrough indicator…Traders love David’s popular R.A.F! Pro because it offers an objective 3-step timing process.

The goal is to reveal when a reversal is forming and then identify a precise entry and exit.


Built in alerts help highlight these turning points. This tool is for traders who want to catch tops, bottoms, and retracements with tight stops.

Using this powerful oscillator provides a countdown to enter trades that evolves from “ready”, to “aim” and then “FIRE!”. It can be used as a stand alone tool or in combination with other indicators.

John Carter uses this three step process to tell him when to “go big” and when to avoid fakeouts. He prefers to get into explosive trades a bit early, but the R.A.F! Pro helps prevent him from getting in TOO early.

When we first launched the original R.A.F! over 5 years ago, it was called the “Goldilocks Indicator” because the timing wasn’t too early, it wasn’t too late, it was JUST RIGHT.

And that’s even more true with the Pro version because David refined the formula to eliminate as much noise as possible and take precise trade timing to the next level.

Currently available on ThinkorSwim, TradeStation, TradingView, Tastytrade, and MotiveWave.

When you get R.A.F Pro! today you also get these awesome bonuses:


The New R.A.F! Pro Scan

With the Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro Scan, it’s now quick and easy to identify reversals without having to manually look at each chart. So many traders get stuck in bad trades because they don’t have a proven way to find opportunities where they have a true edge. This scan puts that power at your fingertips. Currently available on TOS and TradeStation.


The New R.A.F! Pro Scan Quickstart

With the Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro Scan Quickstart, you get to learn from David Starr, the creator, to quickly get up to speed on finding the best trades and setups without having to manually look at each chart. Currently available on TOS and TradeStation.


Indicator Setup with Duncan Boggs

Getting your new indicators and charts set up and ready to go is quick and easy when our amazing Duncan Boggs walks you through everything step-by-step in a special pre-recorded session. Duncan also answers many indicator-related or setup questions. You can watch them again whenever you want.


Lifetime Updates and Live Tech Support

Simpler Trading's award winning technical support team will help you with any issue you may have! Call in during regular business hours and we will always be able to solve your problems through email or over the phone. Once you're a Simpler Trader, you are for life.

Here’s what fellow Simpler Trading community members said about The Ready Aim Fire Pro:

"I have to tell you that RAF works so amazingly well with everything. Even though it is talked about in a positive manner, it does not get the full credit it deserves. I have started using it in my futures trading and can't believe the results. I have been using a basic approach and maybe should limit my understanding to that. More knowledge may lead to my undoing! Anyway, great tool!!!!"

- Patrick E.

"@JC These are your most fiendishly clever inventions since the squeeze. Add in the RAF and I can already see the possibilities."

- Jason

"John- WOW! Took a 60 Min MultRange Buy on /GC, Daily SQZ along with a RAF 30 Min, Paid for the the indicator and class 3 times over... This morning! Looking forward to seeing you in SF!"

- Dick

"...Previously bought the RAF, Multi Cross/Multi-Time Frame, Dynamic Profit Zones, and I've my small account is up 50% in the past 2 weeks! These guys are legit traders with 100+ of years of experience trading the markets between them. I highly recommend anyone interested in starting to trade to look into what they offer, buy a cheap trial, and see how you do. The tools I've bought have paid for themselves over the last few months and then some. Forget all those bio-stock breakout day traders, I stand by the Simpler Trading Team."

- Kyle P.

"Thank you for the class today and for sharing the documents on futures trading. I used to trade futures with serious failure. I installed the RAF indicator and read your ‘Intraday Futures’ document. I can see trades clearly now and I have the link to my setup. I have learned so much from you and Carolyn in such a short time. Combining symmetry and 61.8 retracement in combination with RAF and ATR trail will be a low risk trade."

- Michael B.


Who is David Starr?

David is Simpler Trading’s “Mad Scientist”. He is the creator of the popular Voodoo Lines(r) and Ready, Aim, Fire! indicators. A trained theoretical mathematician who later took his MBA first in his class, he now trades full time in addition to helping Simpler Trading clients achieve their own success. Many might consider his academic achievements and his experience building companies, taking them public, and as a strategic management consultant to some of the most respected first as ideal preparation for success in financial markets. However, he is passionate in stressing that the key to trading success is understanding and managing one’s own emotions. In the same way that David’s consulting clients prized his ability to provided customized insights into unique business situations, traders who have taken David’s classes or listen to him daily in the Simpler Futures room use his insights to take their trading to the next level. David understands that the same trading style which might allow one trader to approach markets in a calm, collected manner ideal for reaping profits might provoke the emotional demons that incite account-destroying behavior in another.

It is generally more experienced traders who are able to most quickly assimilate the trading lessons David has to share and his talent for solving problems in new and refreshing ways. Traders of all experience levels make use of his technical indicators and the out-of-the-box thinking which led to their development. Even if you don’t yet use one of these tools, you might be surprised to learn that you already make use of his technology on a regular basis as his patented innovations in wireless technology are inside virtually every smartphone on the planet.

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