TurboVZO Indicator & VZO Signals

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation

How Do We Use It?

The TurboVZO volume and momentum indicator, and is one of Danielle Shay’s favorite indicators. This indicator tells you when confirmed volume moves are happening, and thus allows you to jump on for the ride

In addition to providing ideal entry signals, it also helps you exit trades based on the same equation. This is an ideal entry and exit indicator that’s the cherry on top of the strategy discussed in this class. The equation that’s built into this indicator came from several years of Danielle using the Volume Zone Oscillator. She built off that formula and upgraded it with additional math to produce usable signals (while making it more user friendly).

The TurboVZO pairs perfectly with Danielle’s TrendStrength Candles 2.0.

What does it do:
The TurboVZO indicator provides key opportunities to take advantage of extended price levels and helps to time entries in trend markets. It shows volume in and volume out, meaning it lets you know when volume is extended or is cratering at a bottom.

How to read the Indicator:
The Turbo VZO is filtered and color coded to visually help reduce noise and false confirmation signals showing more confirmed buys and sells. The indicator can show three different color zones:

  • the red zone is the overbought area – the sell signal zone,
  • the yellow is the “Chop Zone” or consolidation,
  • the green zone is the oversold area – the buy signal zone.