Overnight Profit Strategy

Allison designed this strategy to literally generate profits overnight by exploiting her Divergent Bar pattern in the final minutes before the market closes. This simple setup aims to anticipate how the market will open the next day based on the predictive power of her formula. And after a year of live-trading and development, Allison discovered her Divergent Bar Strategy can work on almost any chart.

What Will You Learn?

Who Uses This Strategy: Allison Ostrander

What: The Overnight Profit Strategy class will guide you step-by-step through low-risk ways to exploit this pattern. Allison’s will show you exactly how she’s used Vertical Spreads to target gains of 50-100%+ in as little as 24-hours. You don’t need to know spreads to benefit from this class because you also get Allison’s new Ultimate Guide to Vertical Spreads as a bonus. Inside you’ll learn her simplified version the Debit and Credit Vertical Spreads, and more.

You’ll also learn how Allison has ‘shapeshifted’ potential losses into breakeven or a profit with her trade management secrets. So this class is especially well-suited for any trader who has struggled to achieve consistent account growth.

BONUS: Ultimate Guide to Vertical Spreads:
A big part of the Overnight Profit Strategy’s success is the Vertical Spread. These powerful setups are the best-kept secret of options income traders because they make it possible to enjoy extremely high odds compared to buying puts or calls.
Because many traders don’t know how to extract the full profit potential from Vertical Spreads, Butterflies, or Iron Condors. Allison will share her simplified version of these setups so even newer traders can take advantage of her Overnight Profit Strategy.

The Divergent Bar Tool:
This new indicator identifies Allison’s Divergent Bar pattern by projecting what the next bar is likely to do based on the close of the current bar. Allison’s simple formula is designed to spot reversals with the potential for high reward for limited risk. It can be used in,up,down and consolidating market’s on almost any chart or timeframe. What makes this indicator so powerful is how it helps predict what the following bar will do. This pattern is especially powerful when combined with Allison’s Vertical Spread setups. Available for ThinkorSwim (TOS) and TradeStation.

Asset Class/Markets: The Overnight Profit Strategy was designed to take advantage of weekly options on a daily time frame. This strategy can be used on any symbol with liquid weekly options.

Skill Level: This class and strategy has something to offer all traders, regardless of experience level. For the beginner you will learn how to read the Divergent Bar indicator, and how to control risk using Vertical Spreads. Intermediate traders will learn the nuances between Debit and Credit Spreads. Advanced traders will learn how to turn a losing trade into a potential winner by pivoting into a Butterfly or Iron Condor. The experienced expert will learn how to incorporate the Divergent Bar indicator into their existing strategies.

Why Buy This Class: If you want a conservative, low risk way to earn consistent weekly profits, this class is worth your time and energy. Allison is a more conservative leaning trader, who likes to focus on growing small accounts with risk controlled strategies. She enjoys both intraday style trading (without the risk of day trading) as well as longer term swing trades. Allison believes that no matter what kind of market we’re seeing, there is a strategy that can be applied to grow your account. Allison has built the Overnight Profit Strategy to offer risk mitigated returns, perfect for traders who can’t sit and watch the charts all day. If you are looking for a low stress/high reward method of trading, then you would benefit from The Overnight Profits Strategy course.

Course Breakdown

    • Chapter 1: Understanding Risk: 40 minutes
    • Chapter 2: Sole Indicator?: 36 minutes
    • Chapter 3: Overnight Profits With Divergent Bar: 31 minutes
    • Chapter 4: Consistent Profits With Vertical Spreads: 29 minutes
    • Chapter 5: Implementation Checklist: 50 minutes
    • Chapter 6: Examples And Q&A : 21 minutes
    • Chapter 7: Chart Examples with Q&A: 49 minutes
    • 3-Days Live Trading Sessions (Recorded)

About the Content Providers:

  • Allison Ostrander

    Allison is the Director of Risk Tolerance here at Simpler Trading. Her experience in not only trading, but teaching others how to trade, shines through in her videos and blog posts. She has experienced and seen other traders go through the ups and downs of trading. Her goal is to help traders minimize the downs, so their ups can outshine in their account. Allison is able to explain complex trading strategies and chart patterns with ease for both beginners and advanced traders. Her unique view of how to look at Capital Risk, the Chart, and the Option Chain can give any trader a new perspective on investing.