The Obnoxious Profit Strategy (T.O.P.S.)

Instantly Read any Charts like a 30-Year Pro

Discover how Raghee effectively uses Simpler Trading Indicators and tools in TradeStation and Thinkorswim to analyze charts. In addition, you will learn how Raghee identifies precise entries and exits using her proven “roadmap.’ In the live trading session, you will have the precious opportunity to watch Raghee’s applying her roadmap and identifying potential setups in real-time.

Strategies: TOPS Trio

What Will You Learn?

  • How the GRaB Candles and Wave Indicators offer you a clear market perspective, so you can choose the right indicator to use and maximize its effectiveness.
  • How Raghee exploits the Propulsion Indicator as a part of her proven roadmap and share her little-known ways to use this powerful tool.
    (John Cater featured this tool in his book, “Master the Trade.”)
  • How to use limited orders to attract other traders and avoid impulsive trading decisions.
  • How to avoid sitting through lots of “heat” on your trades by learning Raghee’s disciplined entry and exit strategies.
  • How to use the Darvas tool to reveal price reactions in the past for support and resistance levels.
  • How to identify precise “market-based” entry and exits with Raghee’s secret tools. No more buying tops and selling bottoms when you know how to read these critical price levels. These setups can be applied to almost any chart, allowing you to trade stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, futures, and even Forex!

Course Break

  • Strategy Session: 4 hours and 41 minutes
  • 2-Day Live Trading Sessions

About the Content Providers:

  • About Raghee: Our resident forex expert, with several books published on the topic, Raghee is highly skilled at trading futures, forex, and options. Raghee’s love for her work and enthusiasm for teaching others shines through when you listen to her in our Simpler Futures Gold Room. Her combination of technical analysis and “big-picture” market psychology can teach you the futures and forex markets from top to bottom. Her passion began with futures trading and grew to forex out of her interest in macro analysis and trending markets. There is nothing she enjoys more than teaching her students how to ride the waves of those long term trends.

    Raghee welcomes giving traders extra chat room time combined with an access to a wealth of educational content and daily videos. She prefers longer-term trades that last days or 1-3 weeks, averaging between 30-70% ROI. With Raghee’s trading style, you receive trade setups between 8-24 hours in advance of the trigger, allowing clients who don’t want to sit at the computer all day an excellent opportunity to enter swing trades. Her motto is, “The simpler I keep things, the better I play!”

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