Multi Snap Indicator

Multi-Snap is a multi time frame breakthrough indicator that shows Bollinger Band pivot points across multiple timeframes. Because price has a tendency to only stretch so far before it snaps back, the ability to see the corresponding price levels in real-time is a game changer. These dynamic price range levels offer a way to reverse engineer where reversals are likely to trigger. Multi-Snap is designed to allow you to easily monitor multiple higher time frame Bollinger Band levels as pivot levels from your lower time frame chart. The indicator consists of horizontal levels labeled with the higher time frame chart they represent. Adding separate instances of Multi-Snap shows Bollinger Bands levels set to other time frames and provides an at a glance understanding whether there is alignment with your sentiment. Multi-Snap settings may be customized for Color, period, average type, etc. Use this tool to detect pattern shifts, setups, and possible confluence of multiple levels earlier with good stop outs based on the lower time frame supports.
Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation