Dynamic Profit Targets Class

Precise Entries and Exits with No Guesswork E-Learning Module

Options Bootcamp sessions, Indicator Installation and Overview & Dynamic Profit Targets Courses with three days of live trading sessions. (Indicators Included)

What Will You Learn?

Who Uses This Strategy: John Carter, Danielle Shay, Allison Ostrander, and Eric Purdy.

What: How to pick an Option Strategy to match a stock’s specific personality and mood. How to see powerful multi-timeframe setups with only one chart. Crystal clear entry signals tell you in advance how big a move to expect. Know when it’s ok to ‘chase’ bigger moves and when to stay out of traps. Identify objective exists designed to automatically capture maximum profit potential. Know when to jump on a trend pullback and when to expect a reversal instead. Dynamic Profit Targets discover how the Multi-Cross tool can trigger precise entries for Squeezes. Learn John Carter’s step-by-step checklist for entries and exits. How to predictably grow a smaller account even if you’re trading part-time.

Options Bootcamp Course: Six sessions created to help newer options traders ramp their trading up quickly. How to set up trades to maximize options expirations. The top 3 tips for managing your winning trades. How to make Mobile trading work for you while you’re on the go. Create checklists for correctly creating and placing options orders.

Dynamic Profit Targets Course:

  • How to set your profit targets.
  • How to know exactly when to exit with maximum gains.
  • How to catch the biggest turning points in real-time.
  • Why ‘one size fits all exits’ can burn your account.
  • How to get in earlier on explosive moves with confidence.
  • The simple exit rule that can generate ‘easy money.
  • How to get rid of the guesswork from entries and exits.
  • If you were a business, this is how you would create cash flow and get paid.

Asset Class/Markets: These strategies and indicators can be used on all markets very successfully to maximize profit opportunities. Stocks, ETFs, Indexes, Futures, and Options.

Skill Level: This course will benefit newer to more advanced traders. Traders with small or large accounts will benefit from this income learning opportunity. The course also includes the Options Bootcamp sessions for those with fewer options experience that want to get up to speed quickly. Even the most advanced traders will benefit from this course.

Why Buy This Class: To assist you with getting into trades at the right time before the price thrust hits. Manage price moves on intraday timeframes and watch price roll up to higher levels on one chart. The indicators will help you with lower-risk entries that will minimize capital losses. Help you align with the ebbs and flows of price action before the trade gets away from you. If you want to optimize your trading time and opportunities, then the Dynamic Profit Targets Course is for you.

Course Breakdown

  • Options Bootcamp: 4 hours and 13 minutes
  • Indicators Installation Sessions: 2 hours and 13 minutes
  • Indicators Sessions: 7 hours
  • Dynamic Profit Targets Strategy Session: 4 hours
  • 3 Days Live Trading Sessions

About the Content Providers:

  • About John: His trading strategy combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. His proven trading setups identify large directional plays that he leverages with both options and futures, as well as neutral moments in time for income trading opportunities when market conditions are on the slow side. He likes being in the trade before anyone else, and he uses his signature indicator ‘the Squeeze’ to enter many of these plays. John’s trades can generally be adjusted for those looking for a more conservative take on his aggressive plays, and traders can use his tools to find setups that fit their own risk parameters. His setups, market knowledge, and guidance to continually improve yourself as a trader is invaluable.