Danielle Shay’s Phoenix
Finder Turbo Indicator

The tool that helps Danielle expose strengths and weaknesses of market-moving stocks

Looking to identify the ‘Phoenix’ tickers that made it possible for Danielle to enjoy 50% - 200% gains? Here’s your chance with her Phoenix Finder Turbo that can be used to day trade, trade futures, make your own watchlists, and more.

The Phoenix Finder Turbo is a multi-purpose tool that can be combined with any trading plan or investing research. By using its special formula, Phoenix will ‘light up’ and demonstrate the strongest stocks, allowing traders to identify top stocks to ride higher that will rise quickest like the Phoenix.

But that’s not all, Phoenix also demonstrates the ‘canaries in the coal mine.’ Otherwise known as the stocks most likely to roll over and die. This allows traders to jump in on some of the best short opportunities. In this kind of volatile market environment, it’s more important than ever to pick the strongest stocks when planning long trades and the weakest stocks when planning short trades.

Take a look at some of these ‘canaries in the coal mine’ below…

The Phoenix Finder Turbo highlighted this ‘canary in the coal mine’ allowing Danielle to short ARKK for an 80% profit:


Once again this tool identified relative weakness allowing for a short in QQQ for a 111% profit:


Note: These were all real trades executed in live-market conditions.

As you can see, the Phoenix Finder Turbo worked in recent down-market conditions. Additionally, this tool is designed to work the same way during uptrends.

 Who is this for?

Traders who want to time a reversal that’s occurring on big volume. Traders who want confirmation that the trend’s continuing to go in their favor. Traders who want to target potentially profitable stocks when that market’s all over the place.


Identify precise setups (including early signal detection)


Eliminate noise and expose ‘inevitable’ trends


Find intraday, swing, and more setups


Look for ‘Phoenix’ stocks and ‘Canaries in the Coal Mine’ on any timeframe


Use a color-coded system to identify major shifts in trends.


Compare performance in relation to previous all-time highs

The Phoenix Finder Turbo Indicator

The previous Phoenix Finder compared the strength and weakness of the trend and allowed traders to be able to easily see the shifts in the trend. This ‘boosted’ version uses that same technology and more.

What do we mean by “and more?”


The Phoenix Finder Turbo also incorporates volume, a critical component when trading momentum, especially in a volatile market. Big money is making big moves and those moves are reflected in the increased volume that pours in. When volume is pouring in, the Phoenix Turbo alerts traders by ‘lighting up.’ This shows that big money is making big moves.

The Phoenix Turbo uses one-of-a-kind technology to compare the strength of the trend across hand-selected grids known as the Phoenix Folios so that traders can quickly and objectively determine which way money is flowing. As retail traders, we don’t have the ability to move markets with billions of dollars like hedge funds do, but we can identify and follow their moves and ride alongside them by quantifying the trend of a chart, taking volume into consideration, and using tools to jump on the trends as they shift.

Additionally, The Phoenix Turbo comes with Danielle’s hand-picked stock mines, also known as her Phoenix Folios. These are Danielle’s pre-selected Phoenix grids that she uses to find her best trade selections. Traders can also create their own Phoenix Grids as well! Currently available on:

Currently available on:


Here is what the community has to say about the Phoenix Finder Turbo Indicator:

The flexibility of the Phoenix Finder is what makes it so appealing no matter what you want to trade.  Still my #1 prep tool!


 Luv the automation via Phoenix Finder and grids to simplify the review process for building you just need to come up with the stk symbols for the one offs; ie Honey Badgers, Grandma's Favorites etc...your Phoenix finder and scan are smart & time efficient ...reminds me of RH's tools to simplify and save time!


Between phoenix and hot zone we got like half our life back.. lol


I have been trading since 1993, & Phoenix has been the best method for me in my trading. When I combine it with a Squeeze, Compound Breakout Tool, & RAF my trading has been great!!!


Phoenix is excellent for performance comparison and quickly identifying switches and trends within groups of stocks. I like being able to define the groups.

-Dan R

Who is Danielle Shay?

Danielle is a market analyst, trader and expert commentator. She is the Director of Options and the head of Simpler Foundation at Simpler Trading. As a former teacher, her goal is to help traders grasp the basics that make trading simpler — no matter their skill level. She has the keen ability to relay trading information in small tangible bits where even the ‘best’ of traders will find her insights useful and easy to understand.

Danielle’s primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well. Danielle is a contributor in John Carter’s 3rd Edition of Mastering the Trade, and has been seen on Fox News, RT America, Benginza,, Real Vision TV, Trader’s Nation and more. Follow her on Twitter @traderDanielle.


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