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Here is what fellow Simpler Trading members said about trading with Kody:

“@Kody Ashmore (7w8) 100%. guess I had to "settle" for a gain of 1% of my NLV in 75 minutes...... LOL"


“@Kody Ashmore (7w8) So nice to see another 1% profit today from the SPX PCS, and such low-maintenance. I've been away from my computer most of the day. Thanks!”


“@Kody Ashmore (7w8): You just cannot imagine what positive impact you have on my life!”

- Pavlin

"Well, Kody, I am pumped by what you are throwing out here..... keep it up and please do more trades, I like your style."

- Putso

"Kody, I have to thank you for the 0DTE trades. The only trade I'm doing now."

- Mike V


About Kody Ashmore

One would consider Kody a “Jack of all trades” While in high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a rifleman. While in the USMC he did two tours to Iraq, went through a wide variety of courses, and obtained several awards and medals. After leaving the USMC Kody went to school to become a Paramedic. After becoming a Paramedic he worked as a field medic, paramedic instructor & even flight medic. Kody then decided to combine both professions and started working for the United States Government in various “High Threat” locations as a tactical medic. While Kody was overseas he wanted to find a way to make his money, make him money. After all, he had his first child on the way and wanted to find a way to make a decent living with his hard-earned cash. He started with day trading but with laggy & slow internet, he learned that day trading was going to be impossible to pursue overseas. 

That's when he turned to learning about swing trading options. What drew Kody to swing trading options was the ability to manage risk based on position size & the low capital requirement to make substantial gains. After mastering swing trading, he sought to become a Prop Trader for a firm to further leverage his capital. In 2016 Kody started trading firm capital and has been ever since. Kody’s main goal in trading is to be able to produce a weekly income for a source of living. Short term, trading has always had his attention. Kody seeks to actively pay himself weekly while managing risk.

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