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Take Advantage of Substantial Savings on Training and Tools that Complement the Micro Voodoo Line® Strategy

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If you want to see exactly how John, David, and Henry use the Micro Voodoo Lines going forward, the Options trading room is the place to be.

That’s where you can attend their live sessions and get live-trade alerts. Plus, you also get to follow the rest of the Simpler Trading Team and tap into our 200+ years of combined experience. We’ve traded almost every market and we share our trade ideas with members in real-time. Whether you’re looking for intraday or swing trades, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s just some of what’s included with your subscription:
  • Live Trading Chat Room. Join our veteran traders live 5 days a week for setups, watchlist building, and trading.
  • Trade Alerts. Download our app and receive instant updates on what’s happening in the market.
  • Daily Premium Videos. Receive a recap of the day with trade setups and key highlights.
  • Training Room. The Training Room gives traders the unique opportunity for access to a “go-to” spot to get questions answered. Within its archives, you can find content on the basics of trading both Options and Futures.
  • Weekly Watchlist. Each Monday one of the Simpler traders takes a deep dive into what they’re watching for the week which you can enjoy in an easy-to-see video format.


Quarterly Options Membership

(save 30% on first term)

Renews at $547


Annual Options Membership

(save 30% on first term)

Renews at $1,997


David Starr developed the Voodoo Lines® Indicator to uncover hidden support and resistance levels that might otherwise not be visible until price starts reacting at the lines. John Carter dubbed them “Voodoo” lines because they seemed to predict future price action almost like magic. They’re derived from David’s proprietary “objective” Elliott Wave formula. It’s objective because it only uses “proven” wave counts constructed from up to 30 years of historical data. The Simpler Team absolutely swear by the Voodoo Lines® because of their uncanny accuracy.

Because you have the Micro Voodoo Lines®, you have an opportunity to add the “major” Voodoo Lines® to your toolbox at a substantial discount.You’ll get automatic updates for 40 futures and Forex markets included with the Voodoo Lines®. Plus, you also get 30-days of free updates for 250 individual stocks.

If you choose to continue your Stock Update subscription after the 30-days, you extend the power of the Voodoo Lines to more than 250 individual stocks and sector ETFs. The more volatile movements of individual stocks can provide more trade opportunities than in the indices and futures, but they also require more frequent updates to the levels. Your subscription will ensure you receive regular updates to crucial support and resistance levels for individual stocks and add new stocks actively traded by our members.

Voodoo Lines are currently available for ThinkorSwim, TradeStation, TradingView, MotiveWave, and eSignal.

$697 $997

Voodoo Lines Indicator + Subscription

(renews $47/month)


John Carter’s “Quick Hits” Class.
In this 4-hour online video training, you’ll discover how John targets consistent daily income. These “quick hit and quit” trades exploit normal intraday price rotation without complex rules or overnight risk.
Back to Basics Session:
By popular demand, John shared the simplest version of the Quick Hits strategy. It’s the super simple version that his teenage son James used to average $100/day. It’s designed for traders who want to follow that method without the additional options trading enhancements covered in the Quick Hits class.
You also get both of the Quick Hits indicators…
NEW Squeeze Rotation Tool:
This new tool reveals when to target intraday price rotations. The goal is to catch the “snap back to the mean” moves that happen nearly every day.
Compatible with ThinkorSwim (ToS)
New Trend Rotation Tool:
This new tool reveals when Quick Hits signals are lined up in multiple timeframes. The bar colors change to bright green or red when all six-time frames are aligned. This gives the trader a quick visual confirmation without having to look at multiple charts.
Compatible with ThinkorSwim (ToS)

$837 $1,197

Quick Hits Class + Indicator Bundle


Struggling to find clear setups in this fidgety market? The Trend Spark Indicator is a timing tool designed to automatically identify entries, exits, and stops on any chart. It was co-created by David Starr and Neil Yeager to be a super simple indicator for trading futures, stocks, currencies, and even crypto.

Who is this for? Traders who want to stay in a move without second-guessing. The way the indicator works is so simple. You use only TWO charts. One identifies the trend, and the other triggers entry and exit signals. It’s designed to…
  • Identify the dominant trend on any timeframe
  • Pinpoint precise entries as early as possible (while filtering out noise)
  • Provide objective points to jump into larger trends
  • Catch reversals at the most advantageous levels
  • Give automatic trailing stop levels to allow for larger potential gains
  • Reveal where to cut losses when a move doesn’t work out

David and Neil created Trend Spark to help them get in and out of short-term intraday trades (without having to “wing it”). And it is included here at a discounted price because David uses it to identify entry and exits along with the Micro Voodoo Lines

$347 $497

Trend Spark Indicator

These Exclusive Limited Time Offers are Only Available on This Page

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