Discover the Earnings “Hot Zone”

See the Power of this 3-in-1 tool! The Earnings Hot Zone Indicator is Danielle Shay’s ‘Run into Earnings’ secret weapon.

It’s a simple and intuitive indicator and Statistics tool… PLUS an ‘Implied Volatility Gauge.’

What makes it one of Danielle’s favorite tools is The Hot Zone allows traders to identify stocks with strong potential for profitable earnings plays within seconds.

Powered by the Stats inside the Hot Zone, this breakthrough tool makes it possible to objectively identify earnings trade opportunities at a glance without guesswork.

Take a look at how precisely our VP of Options, Danielle Shay, uses the Earnings Hot Zone Indicator…

Butterfly Trade Yields $8.50 Per Contract of PLTR ($850)


Danielle bought a butterfly for $1.12/contract ($112) and sold the butterfly for $8.50/contract ($850). When she entered the trade, she was targeting $30.


This butterfly had a good risk to reward ratio and was also really cheap. Danielle figured it would work better than a longer-dated fly if it triggered quickly. Sometimes, like here, she takes two flies because she can never know exactly when a target will be hit.

189% Profit in Chegg (CHGG)


In this CHGG trade, Danielle bought a butterfly at $1.70/contract ($170) and exited at $4.75/contract ($475), and made 189% profit.


The idea behind these 2 contracts was a combination of an earnings trade and post-earnings trade. The Hot Zone showed Danielle that CHGG had been beating earnings, and has a tendency to explode post-earnings, so she wanted to place a low-priced butterfly that had a great risk to reward ratio to trade the earnings report. Her intention was to look for a blowout report and use that earnings move as a catalyst, which worked out great. She got into her fly right before market close and CHGG had a fantastic report - Danielle was able to take quick profits there.

Note: These were all real trades executed in live-market conditions. As you can see, Earnings Hot Zone worked in various market conditions.

 What's included in this package?

The Earnings Hot Zone Indicator

This tool goes with the Earnings Volatility Indicator for the complete package. Volatility is a critical part of trading during every earnings season.

This tool gives traders the essential statistics to measure the profit potential in earnings trades. It identifies these potentially profitable setups, in addition to giving traders critical information, such as previous quarter analysis, dollar and percentage moves, actual versus expected moves, trends, and so much more!

This tool is an incredible time-saver when combined with the Quarterly Profits Formula as it speeds up the process of finding Danielle’s favorite setups.

Danielle wouldn’t trade earnings without this tool now. The Earnings Hot Zone is designed to help you during the ‘Run into Earnings,’ actual Earnings Season, as well as post-Earnings moves that you may otherwise miss.

This tool will also include a general indicator install pre-recorded video to make sure your indicator is in “tip-top” shape, and that you’re ready to hit the ground running for the class and any live trading sessions.

At this time, this indicator is available on ThinkorSwim (TOS).

Watchlist & Custom Scans

You will also get access to Danielle’s watchlists and columns. The best thing about these is that it’s a full, repeatable toolset that you can customize quarter after quarter. By giving you the scans, you can scan for tickers that are relevant in real-time and make your own (current) watchlists.

Plus, when you purchase this indicator, you’ll also receive Danielle’s custom set of scans at no additional cost. These scans help Danielle identify top opportunities for trading the ‘Run into Earnings,’ Earnings reports, and post Earnings moves. These scans are designed to help you identify top tickers within seconds.

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Here’s what others say about Danielle Shay:

THE HOT ZONE - Taking Earnings Indicator to next level, with quality statistics.  Danielle has put her teacher hat on and made a great tool for slow consistent growth to your account.

- Cookie Monster

@Danielle – WOW, with your amazing Hot Zone indicators, detailed comprehensive scans, and concrete game plan for the run into earnings, I have had many light bulb moments and I am now super inspired for “The Hunt”!

- Tradinggent

I have to say, I LOVE the Earnings indicator you came up with. I am already using it to my advantage. It reduces my workflow significantly. I seriously LOVE it. Great job!!!

- Chris Simmons

@Danielle thoroughly enjoy your tool.

- Chester

@Danielle ... great tool!! Love using it.

- Popeye


Who is Danielle Shay?

Danielle Shay is a trader, market analyst, and expert commentator. She is VP of Options at Simpler Trading where she runs trades and runs analysis in the trading room, teaches classes and webinars, and writes regularly at She also has her own options picking service, the Stacked Profits Mastery program. You can also find Danielle regularly in the media, as she is an expert guest on CNBC, Fox News, Nasdaq TradeTalks, and more.

As a momentum trader, her primary focus is identifying relative strength trading setups, and trading them using equity options, stocks, and ETFs. Using her step-by-step, top-down approach, it’s her goal as a former teacher, to help traders go from zero to trading — just like she once did. She has the keen ability to relay trading information in small tangible bits where even the ‘best’ of traders will find her insights useful and easy to understand. Her motto is, “If I can do it, you can do it!” Follow her on Twitter for more education @traderDanielle and on Instagram at traderdanielleshay618.

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