The Divergent Bar Indicator

How to predict potential higher highs or lower lows

Available On: ThinkorSwim, Tastytrade, TradingView, and TradeStation

How Do We use It?

The Divergent Bar identify if a trader will see a potential higher high or lower low within the next three bars. On a daily chart, this means seeing a higher high and lower low within the next 3 days. This signal is great for taking on short-term trades you may only hold overnight.

Allison Ostrander’s simple formula can be used in up, down, and consolidating markets on almost any chart or time frame. It can even work on new IPO stocks because it only needs a few bars to identify opportunities. Allison loves this indicator because it helps her predict what the following bar could do. Allison has found this pattern to be especially powerful when combined with her options setups.

Allison uses her Divergent Bar to:


Options Traders

Futures Traders

ETF Traders

Stock Traders

New to Advanced Traders

Plus, you get 2 powerful bonuses:

The Quickstart Indicator Training
This indicator is designed to help you start using the Divergent Bar quickly and efficiently. Learn from the inventor of this indicator, Allison Ostrander, and use this indicator how it was meant to be used.

Available for ThinkorSwim, Tradestation, TradingView, and TastyTrade. Bonus scans are only available for ThinkorSwim.
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“@Allison the indicators you created are so helpful. I'm starting to build my trading plan around the divergent bar. The toughest thing is curbing the impulse to just jump in and instead wait patiently for the signal”

- Sherry D

“Great Seminar Allison.  You explained the indicator and your logic so clearly and succinctly. You have such an easy style that comes across the web so well.”

- PetLover

“Thank you - you're my favorite analyst”

- Roy Schroeder

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A: Absolutely! You will receive a prerecorded session with Allison Ostrander on installation of the indicators, along with textual guides and other valuable materials.

A: Traders who purchase this bundle will have access to these indicators and all videos associated with it forever with no additional fees.

This Indicator Bundle works with ThinkorSwim, Tradestation, tastytrade, and TradingView.