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John Carter
Founder of Simpler Trading®
Henry Gambell
Sr. Managing Director of Options Trading
Raghee Horner
Managing Director of Futures Trading
Bruce Marshall
Director of Options & Income Trading
Danielle Shay
VP of Options
Joe Rokop
Managing Director of Commodities & Equities
TG Watkins
Director of Stocks
Taylor Horton
VP of Directional Options Strategies
Sam Shames
VP of Options
David Starr
VP of Quantitative Analysis
Allison Ostrander
Director of Risk Tolerance
"Tr3ndy" Jon McKeever
Director of Supply & Demand Trading
Kody Ashmore
Director of Weekly Options Strategies
Mary Ellen McGonagle
Senior Managing Director of Equities
Chris Brecher
Sr. Managing Director of Stocks

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