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Voodoo Masters Strategy

Discover the power of options leverage with precise charts

See how precise these entries and exits are for yourself

You may (or may not) believe in magic, but if you’re a successful trader, you’ve seen your profits vanish into thin air when you time a trade wrong.

Most traders will tell you that you were being too “greedy” or trying too hard to get the perfect exit. But what if there was a way to nail that perfect entry and exit with a precise trading method and a little magic?

Voodoo Masters Strategy is a proven method to “mapping out the market” and predicting future price levels (sometimes years in advance). Being described as almost “like magic,” the predictive power of this strategy makes it possible to create highly precise setups.

Conquer one of the biggest challenges facing options traders to nail exits like this…


And as you can see, this makes it possible to trade with astonishing precision. This is ideal for those who want to exploit the full profit potential of options. Plus, it makes it so much easier to plan setups well in advance.

What’s the biggest obstacle to consistent options profits?

Incorrectly predicting time and price can either make or break traders. Getting in at the wrong time, getting out at the wrong time, and running out of time can lead to so many unnecessary losses. That’s exactly why Henry Gambell and David Starr shared their “secret weapon”.

As Sr. Managing Director of Options, Henry has a true grasp on what his risk is, and how much he’s comfortable with allocating into a trade. Partnered with Simpler Trading’s “mad scientist” David Starr, both decided to get to the root cause of specific trading obstacles. What they discovered was that there was a lack of precision in most trading strategies.

This sent David straight into his lab. As VP of qualitative analysis, he created a tool which projects current prices from waves which have occurred long enough in the past that there’s no argument about the pattern. It combines the power of options leverage with this precise “market map.”

 In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:


How Henry and David Predict Precise Market Turns So Often

How to Time Major Reversals with Total Confidence

How to Find Precise Low-Risk Entries on Volatile Charts

How to Profit from “Hindsight” and Eliminate Doubt

How to Avoid Entering Too Early (and Getting Out Too Late)

How to “Map Out” Trades and Enjoy “Systematic” Results

The Voodoo Masters Strategy Package - $1,547

Total Value $2,541

Voodoo Masters Strategy Class + E-Learning Module + The Voodoo Masters Strategy Recorded Live Trading + Voodoo Mastery Membership (renews at $597/Quarter)

Voodoo Masters Strategy Class Value $697

In this exclusive class, you’ll discover how Henry and David turn market volatility into consistent income and explosive gains. Their three patterns are designed to work whether the market goes up, down, or sideways. And even with these three strategies, this class is intended to provide a step-by-step learning experience suitable for traders of all skill levels.

You’ll discover how to use the same strategy whether you’re trading stocks, options, or futures. Because precision makes every strategy better. And we believe you won’t find a more precise entry or exit than when using Voodoo Lines® the specific way Henry and David do. After all, there’s nothing quite like predicting exactly where prices will turn in the future.

Over the past decade, Voodoo Lines® have helped thousands of traders to “map out the market” and predict future price levels (sometimes years in advance). That’s why these simple lines are among our most popular tools. And Henry and David are finally teaching how they combine the Voodoo Lines® with their proven options strategies.

E-Learning Module Value $697

Also part of this package is the E-Learning Module. All the important sections of the course are presented in video modules that are organized into specific training topics.

Like all recorded sections of this package, you can watch, study, and watch again everything the course has to offer from anywhere you have internet access — your phone, tablet, and computer.

Your course is available around the clock for your convenience.


Voodoo Masters Strategy Recorded Live Trading Value $750

During these prerecorded trading sessions you’ll see how to use Voodoo Lines® during market hours. This is by far the best way we’ve found to improve trading skills in just a few days. As always, our informal goal is to make enough profit to more than cover the investment for our tools and education (obviously, no promises).

This is a chance to watch David and Henry trade with a dedicated focus on using the Voodoo Lines®.

Voodoo Mastery (Quarterly) Value $597/qtr

Let the masters “map out the market” for you. Follow both Henry and David as they help traders master the art and science of using the Voodoo Lines. To accelerate the process as much as possible, they’re sharing their exact options setups in real-time exclusively with Voodoo Mastery members.

This Mastery is ideal for anyone who’s looking to find entries and exits without having to learn through trial and error.

You can follow Henry and David’s precise trades while learning to master the Voodoo Lines at your own pace.

 The Mastery program includes:

Live Trading

Once per month members get to join Henry and David in an online group live-trading session.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Between sessions, you’ll get Henry and David’s “Voodoo Mastery” real-time trade alerts to your mobile device.

Trade Spreadsheet

Follow along with updated trades to see what Henry and David have open and when.

In addition, they’re doing an online monthly live-trading session plus interactive Q&A.

Tools you’ll see Henry and David using in this training:

 The Voodoo Lines® Indicator  

If you don’t have this tool, be sure to pick it up to take full
advantage of your sessions!


Tools you’ll see Henry and David using in this training:

 The Voodoo Lines® Indicator  

If you don’t have this tool, be sure to pick it up to take full
advantage of your sessions!

The Voodoo Lines® Indicator

The Voodoo Lines® Indicator was developed by David Starr to uncover hidden levels of possible support and resistance which might not otherwise be visible until price starts reacting at the lines.

Dubbed them “Voodoo” lines, this trading tool seems to predict future price action almost like magic. They’re derived from David’s proprietary “objective” application of the Elliott Wave formula. It’s objective because it only uses “proven” wave counts constructed from up to 30 years of historical data.

Traders on the Simpler Team absolutely swear by the Voodoo Lines® because of their uncanny accuracy. Every year they become more and more popular.

If you want more precise entries and exits, this is your opportunity to add them to your toolbox.

Here’s what members are saying about Voodoo Mastery:


“By the way, this weekend's voodoo mastery class is the best class I have attended at ST. It was awesome! I am looking forward to learning more from you guys in the live trading. Thanks.”

- Ashraful

“Henry and David - Sincere thanks. Truly appreciate the immersion into the voodoo lines and equipping me with one strong tool to get clarity in the markets. Thank you!!!”

- Abhaya

“Thank you guys!! I really enjoyed the strategy session. Looking forward to seeing it all in action during the live trading sessions” -

- Mike

“David, I am fascinated by this indicator that defies apparent logic. I look forward to learning from you”

- Hazy

“Henry and David, the Simpler Trading group is really top notch. I have been a subscriber to other groups but have found in the last year that this group is by far the best in performance but also commitment to customers. Thanks so much”


“@henrygambell I made my month and then some in the past week with your trade ideas! Thank you Henry for doing such a great job in teaching us!”


“Henry - cannot adequately tell you how dramatically you have helped me improve - am long only equities - your style of analysis, depth of knowledge and history have been invaluable to me! Deeply grateful!”

-Anne Fortune


David Starr

VP of Quantitative Analysis

David relies heavily on Elliott Wave analysis, sharing his insights into market trends nightly in his Elliott Wave dispatch and interacting daily with the traders in the Simpler Futures room. David regularly hears from clients that his “language of the market” analogy, which describes how Elliott Wave is a language markets use to communicate with us, finally made this style of analysis easily understandable and that his Elliott Wave analysis of markets provides them actionable trade ideas.

David created Voodoo lines with the ideal thought of, “let me create a tool which projects current prices from waves which occurred long enough in the past that there’s no argument about the pattern.” Not only do traders love how magically it tends to find support and resistance, they also appreciate that all they have to do is look at lines on a chart without any complex wave knowledge required.


Henry Gambell

Sr. Managing Director of Options Trading

Henry is the absolute “zen master” when it comes to being a trader. He portrays the cool, calm, and collected side of trading - a side most traders struggle with for years. That’s what makes him so invaluable and fantastic as an options trading mentor. He helps traders see the analytical approach to trading and why you should or shouldn’t logically jump ship with his day trading tips and tricks.

Henry can be found diving into the Live Trading Chatroom at the opening bell as the Vice President of Simpler Trading. He has a knack for breaking down hard-to-understand macro topics to a finite, easy to digest, micro-level. Henry helps traders see the analytical approach to trading and teaches why you should or shouldn’t logically jump ship with his day trading tips and tricks.

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