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The Tr3ndy Turns Signals

Available on: ThinkorSwim and TradingView

Identify when Momentum Turns to Pinpoint Precise Entries

How do we use it?

This tool is designed to identify exactly when momentum is turning. Tr3ndy uses these easy-to-understand arrows to pinpoint precise entries at the PMZ levels.

Skill level and asset classes:

Stocks, Futures, and Options Traders

Day Traders and Swing Traders

New to Advanced Traders

Get the edge with the Tr3ndy Turns Signals

Here’s what others have said about Tr3ndy Jon

“I am very impressed with your commitment within this mastery group. Great job!”

- Raj

“that why everybody falls in love with Trendy, cause this is awesome”

- Benji

“I cannot say enough good things about Trendy Trading. Most services I've seen or been part of have lacked accountability (and results). Jon has created an incredible community of supportive traders. As a leader, Jon is kind, transparent, and always present. The in-depth market analysis, lessons, and Jon's live stream have improved my trading immensely.”

- Austin D.

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