Let Market Movers Give You An Edge…

Submarket Sonar
Exposes ‘Big Money’

Raghee Horner Reveals How To Spot Trades Beneath The Market Surface

Submarket Sonar shows how to let the market movers pick your trades

Learn why traders lose without knowing it because they go against “big money”

Every trade has a simple purpose: be on the right side of the setup with potential for profit.

Problem is, traders can’t see the action underneath the market’s surface and end up too often getting caught on the wrong side of the move.

Submarket Sonar delivers a proven method that reveals trades hidden from the little guy, so you can see what the market movers are doing. You can avoid placing trades based on typical indicators and missing when the big movers “switch” direction.

Why get blindsided by sudden market moves when you can see movement from “big money” institutions (hedge funds, banks, trading firms) in real-time?

Raghee Horner shows you how to identify and take gains from a “big money switch” that moves the market. Like this switch:


While most traders were bearish, we “looked under the surface” and saw a bullish switch coming. In this course, Raghee will show you how to easily decode what the big financial institutions, like institutional investors, are doing. The strategies and insights you will learn in the Submarket Sonar course can be applied to trading stocks, options, and ETFs — not just futures. Additionally, Submarket Sonar works for both intraday traders and swing traders.

You’ll be amazed at what is revealed in a chart with this hidden information. You’ll see precisely how we’re catching one trade after another like this…


It goes without saying that without this information, it’s so easy for traders to get off track and miss these jumps.

When you don’t know what the big money is doing, the confusion is real.

Staying on the right side of institutional volume can make all the difference (as you’ll see).

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

How to win more by “reading” institutional order flow 

Instantly spot price levels likely to spark big moves 

Eliminate noise and expose “inevitable” trends 

Never give in to FOMO again by staying ONE step ahead of the crowd

Tired of getting stopped out? Trade on the right side of big moves

And a whole lot more...

Choose The Submarket Sonar Package You Want:

What's Included:

Recorded Strategy Class

VWAP Max Indicator Bundle

2 Days Recorded Live Trading

Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership



Recorded Strategy Class
VWAP Max Indicator Bundle
2 Days Recorded Live Trading
Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership
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Recorded Strategy Class
VWAP Max Indicator Bundle
2 Days Recorded Live Trading
Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership
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Best Value



Recorded Strategy Class
VWAP Max Indicator Bundle
2 Days Recorded Live Trading
Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership
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Traders have learned how
Submarket Sonar spots big moves:


“Another FABULOUS Raghee Class, THANK YOU :)” 

- Sharon

“Excellent, excellent class. Thanks Raghee!”


“Above and beyond very high expectations Raghee. Never a doubt. Thank you!!”

- Dan

“Thanks Raghee. Great presentation. Looking forward to the Live Trading and how to apply this newly gained knowledge.”

- Kevin

“I can't find a word to express my thanks to you! I blew out a few 10k accounts before I joined... you are the best! You gave us a process that works and works consistently! THANK YOU!”

- N.A.

Basic / $397

Submarket Sonar Strategy Class — No Indicators

Imagine instantly knowing the dominant market sentiment on any chart. That’s tough to do by just looking at the price bars. The institutional order flow that drives most of the price action is often hidden below the surface. Until now…

Raghee Horner’s Submarket Sonar strategy offers a way to “read” market sentiment like an open book. That’s one of Raghee’s best-kept secrets for staying on the right side of the biggest moves (and getting in before the crowd on new trends).

In this strategy session you will learn:


How to reveal dominant market sentiment so you can trade in the direction the largest market moves are likely to push the market. 

How to apply the Submarket Sonar strategy to intraday and swing trading in Futures and ETFs and almost any other actively traded security.

How to eliminate distractions and noise so you can focus on ‘inevitable’ trends driven by massive institutional money flow.

Get Raghee’s workspaces and layouts to immediately duplicate how she reads Submarket Sonar on a wide array of charts.

Premium / $697

Submarket Sonar Strategy Class + VWAP Max Indicator Bundle + Two Days Recorded Live Trading

With the Premium Package you get the VWAP Max Indicator Bundle developed by Raghee Horner. This go-to VWAP tool analyzes price and volume to help traders determine market sentiment with clarity. This custom version compares short-term and long-term VWAP as well as an “anchored” VWAP, moving VWAP, and intraday VWAP. It also combines price, time, and volume.

The core of the VWAP Max indicator is the display of the volume weighted average price. The VWAP is designed to show at a glance the average price level of participants involved in the market selling. Heavier volume at certain price points drags the VWAP closer to that price whereas, light volume trading has far less “pull.”

Additionally, the VWAP Max indicator displays an envelope around the VWAP, which represents the theoretical maximum permissible deviation away from the VWAP. Available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.


As you can see above, that is one of many setups you could’ve caught with this tried and tested tool.

The classic VWAP tool analyzes price and volume to help traders determine market sentiment with clarity. This custom version compares short term and long term VWAP as well as an ‘anchored’ VWAP, moving VWAP, and intraday VWAP, and combines price, time, and volume.

It’s designed to reveal continuation setups in up or down markets

$4000 GC per Contract
  • Super accurate setups (including early signal detection)
  • Trade anything (Futures, ETF’s, Stocks, Options)
  • Find intraday and swing setups
  • Use the VWAP Max Tool on any timeframe
  • Eliminate noise and expose ‘inevitable’ trends
  • Instantly spot price levels likely to spark big moves

Also in the VWAP Max Indicator Bundle you’ll get:

The New VScore Indicator

The New VScore Indicator

VScore shows where there is support and resistance that the market doesn’t know is there, while allowing us to see submarket trends. This is the most powerful secret weapon oscillator of big money flow. It simplifies the three levels the big guys watch and it works for both intra-day and end-of-day.

The New VScore Bands Indicator

The New VScore Bands Indicator

VScore bands complements the VScore by projecting the VScore levels onto price. The VScore bands address a common question by requesting to see where the VScore would plot on the price chart to clearly show where the support and resistance will be.

The New VProfile Indicator

The New VProfile Indicator

Volume Profile can be complicated AND to add to that, the Wall Street Machine uses multiple levels of volume profile. The charts can look confusing and noisy. The VProfile helps you easily identify the Point of Control, Value Area High, and Value Area Low.

Raghee uses this powerful bundle of tools daily. You’ll discover how to set up your workspace to quickly identify market sentiment on any chart following Raghee’s step-by-step process.

You’ll also learn how to use the VWAP to automate overbought and oversold readings and identify up, down, and choppy market conditions with astonishing clarity.

Also included in this package are two days of recorded live trading. You can take advantage of these popular live-trading session recordings because it’s during market hours that everything learned in the Strategy Class comes together. Make this strategy your own by immediately turning your new knowledge into action.These recordings allow you to review as many times as you want how to day trade and swing trade futures, stocks, and ETFs with Raghee. Watch over Raghee’s shoulder to learn how she looks for setups and dives deeper into the Submarket Sonar strategy.

The Premium Package also delivers:

How to decode the big money flow in ANY market (critical to catching the biggest moves)

How Raghee nailed trends in crude, gas, and oil stocks that everyone else missed 

How to know when to buy bargains when “weak hands” panic (and the hidden information that reveals exactly when to get in)

How the “V Score” can keep you on the right side of the market and avoid ever being the blindsided by “big money” 

Clarity from feeling confused about trend direction. You’ll learn how to use “anchoring” to get a clear picture of the market

ELITE / $997

Submarket Sonar Strategy Class + VWAP Max Indicator +
Two Days Recorded Live Trading + Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of the two days of recorded live trading with Raghee included in the Elite Package. These recorded live trading events bring together everything you learned in the Strategy Class. The fastest way to absorb and internalize this strategy and make it your own is by immediately using your new knowledge using live-market examples.

Here’s what others say about Raghee’s live trading sessions:

“Good morning @RH, have been a member several months now and it is making a huge difference for me. Of the many Ragheeisms the one that is resonating for me these days is "got to develop my risk muscle". Thank you so much, I've learned so much in a short time”


“@RH I've taken every class that you have offered. I love you Consistency, Clarity, and Simplicity. Thank you.”


“My #1 reason for joining is Raghee Horner. Any chance I get to trade with Raghee I want to take. I feel like I learn so much from her!”

- Ragland

Sector Secrets Mastery

Raghee’s Sector Secrets Mastery is where she shares her actual trades in real-time. Too busy to watch? With the Sector Secrets Mastery, trades made by Raghee can be sent via push notifications to your mobile device so you won’t have to worry about missing her trades.

When you’re a Sector Secrets Mastery member you get access to all of this:

Live Trading

Monthly interactive live-trading sessions with Raghee Horner

Instant Real-Time Alerts

Follow Raghee’s trades in real-time without watching the markets all day

Updated Trade Spreadsheet

Members can follow Raghee’s positions from entry to exit

And so much more…

With Sector Secrets Mastery, you get to follow Raghee’s trades without even watching the market unless you want to.

The overall goal is for you to master Raghee’s strategy at your own pace while you get her trade alerts. Why go at it alone when you can follow a veteran trader in real-time?


Our resident futures and forex expert, with several books published, Raghee’s highly skilled at trading futures, forex, and options. Her love for her work and enthusiasm for teaching others shines through when you listen to her in our Sector Secrets Mastery room. She combines technical analysis and ‘big picture’ market psychology to find strong setups, and then she relays that information to you as she teaches you from top to bottom. Raghee enjoys nothing more than teaching her students how to ride the waves of those long term trends.

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