Turn Time & Volatility
Into Consistent Income

Learn Bruce Marshall’s ‘Set And Forget’ Simpler Calendars Strategy

Simpler Calendars is the reliable trading method for new and seasoned traders.

Discover how Bruce earns daily gains on contracts while other traders suffer heartbreak

Simpler Calendars is Bruce Marshall’s sought after options income trading method that delivers a flexible and forgiving strategy. The “set and forget” trading method means you don’t have to babysit the trades and be locked into following market activity all day long. Simpler Calendars is designed to generate steady income.

Every options trader should have this in their toolbox.

Keep in mind, most traders seek to gain from price or volatility. Simpler Calendars develops trades that can profit from price AND volatility.

When you have two ways to win, that’s huge in an uncertain trading environment!

As a plus, you can choose how “aggressive” you want to be.

With Simpler Calendars you can focus on profit targets of 20%, 50%, 100%, or 150%. You choose the profit potential that fits your income goals. Steady profits while avoiding risk is a powerful tool.

Simpler Calendars is Bruce’s strategy to turn a messy chart into steady gains.

Here's an example of why it's so important:

Bruce-Simpler Calendars-sample trade-image (3)

The stock above was all over the place in a choppy market. Simpler Calendars works across all charts and complements indicators and other trading strategies. Even when this chart went sideways, Simpler Calendars identified where it can take advantage of the ever-changing price and volatility.

You can “set and forget” trades and let the market roll on… taking consistent profits as they develop.

Simpler Calendars is a core trading strategy for Bruce.

He applies this method for consistent winning trades in real-market conditions whether the market is trending to the upside or downside, or chopping sideways… and he uses it during earnings season. This strategy covers markets in any direction.

The key to Simpler Calendars is knowing how to properly set up the strategy. This is where Bruce’s 30+ years of trading experience in any market — crisis, bear, or bull — provide the advantage new and seasoned traders need.

There’s no need to struggle when you have the opportunity to learn a proven trading strategy from a veteran money manager who uses Simpler Calendars for steady profits.


Here’s what you can discover with Simpler Calendars:

You snooze and you win? That’s the plan with this simple setup

Why Simpler Calendars can be a powerful enhancement to any portfolio

Easy to execute, easy to close, and you don’t need to babysit

Why Simpler Calendars can be forgiving when the market gets crazy

When to “load up” for extra gains without losing sleep

Why Simpler Calendars is a “cornerstone” strategy you can count on

Ideally suited for volatility — even for beginners

Why Simpler Calendars is easy to scale to suit your account size

Choose The Simpler Calendars Package You Want:

What's Included:

Strategy Class

Live Trading Records

BONUS CLASS - How Bruce uses thinkorswim®

BIAS Quarterly Membership



Strategy Class
Live Trading Records
BONUS CLASS - How Bruce uses thinkorswim®
BIAS Quarterly Membership
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Strategy Class
Live Trading Records
BONUS CLASS - How Bruce uses thinkorswim®
BIAS Quarterly Membership
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Best Value



Strategy Class
Live Trading Records
BONUS CLASS - How Bruce uses thinkorswim®
BIAS Quarterly Membership
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Traders know the reliability of Simpler Calendars:


“Bruce, this was a great class and very logical. Thanks for the bonus class. It helped.  Appreciate all your hard work you put into the class ahead of time to make it so easy for us to follow and learn from you. You are a "MASTER".

- P.L.

“@S0_Bruce Thx for all the setups this year. I have made a lot of money on your market knowledge, deep understanding of fundamentals and sentiment insights”


"Bruce had me at hello...i've taken many of your courses and have learned the most...and use them the most. I'm in" 

- J.R.Y

Basic / $397

Simpler Calendars Strategy Class

In this timeless class Bruce reveals how he targets 20% to 200% returns within just a few weeks. Simpler Calendars offers two reliable ways to profit: the inevitable passage of time and spikes in volatility.

Each presents opportunities for consistent returns. Explosive profits are possible when both time and volatility work in your favor. Simpler Calendars can be adapted for conservative or aggressive profit targets and easily complement other strategies.

Here’s what Bruce covers in the Simpler Calendars Strategy Class:

How to generate “inevitable” theta income like clockwork

How Bruce targets 20% to 200% returns in three-week cycles

Bruce’s “beginner friendly” Simpler Calendars blueprint

How to profit from uncertain market volatility

When to “load up” to go for potentially extraordinary gains (and limit risk)

How Simpler Calendars can boost profit potential for almost any options portfolio

How Simpler Calendars can be a simple “set and forget” position (just rinse and repeat) 

Why Simpler Calendars is easy to scale to suit your account size

Premium / $597

Simpler Calendars Strategy Class + Live Trading Recordings + Bonus Class: How Bruce Uses thinkorswim®

This is the next step that takes the Simpler Calendars Strategy Class and combines it with Live Trading Recordings with Bruce.

You can follow Bruce’s demonstration of exactly how to apply this strategy during market hours. These recorded live trading sessions bring together everything you learned in the Strategy Class.

We’ve shown from years of experience that a faster way to absorb and internalize this strategy and make it your own is by immediately using your new knowledge using live-market examples.

Class members tell us there’s nothing like being able to watch over Bruce’s screen in these recordings as he identifies “set and forget” positions for consistent profits.


Bonus Class:

How Bruce Uses thinkorswim® (ToS)

Also, the Premium Package includes the Bonus Class: How Bruce Uses thinkorswim® (known as “ToS”). ToS is a free platform that provides real-time market data and is commission-free. You can use it to follow Bruce’s setups and plan trades even if you have another broker. Bruce’s special tutorial covers exactly how he uses the ToS Analyze tab to find setups while modeling and visualizing risk.

Bruce uses his 30+ years trading experience to get the most from this popular options platform. Now you can apply the same tips and tricks and avoid common (costly) mistakes.

Fact is, ToS includes pro-grade tools that should be your “profit command center.” You can model almost any kind of position with only a few mouse clicks. This allows you to forecast potential gains (and losses) — without risking a dime. ToS can show exactly what strategy to use (and which to avoid!). It’s almost a secret weapon because so many traders don’t know how it works. Take advantage of Bruce’s step-by-step ToS tutorial as he shares powerful tips and tricks. If you’re serious about generating options income, this is a critical skill.

Elite / $797

Simpler Calendars Strategy Class + Live Trading Recordings + Bonus Class: How Bruce Uses thinkorswim® + B.I.A.S. Quarterly Membership

With the Elite Package, you receive everything included in the Basic and Premium Packages PLUS exclusive access to one of our most successful skill-development platforms.

If watching recordings of Bruce live expands on everything in the Strategy Class, then direct access to Bruce in real time takes training to an even higher level.

The Elite Package provides your personal access to a B.I.A.S. Quarterly Membership (renewed quarterly).

We understand how trading can be a lonely adventure. It’s better when we can continue our journey together.

With B.I.A.S. Quarterly Membership, you get to connect with Bruce as he shares ideas during live chat room sessions as he’s managing real money in the markets.

When you’re a B.I.A.S. Quarterly member
you get access to all of this:


Live Trading Chat Room
Connect with Bruce during market hours for setups, watchlist building, and trading.


Trade Alerts
Download our app and receive instant updates on what’s happening in the market, including Bruce’s latest trades.


Exclusive Member Insights
Receive email notification about new information Bruce posts for B.I.A.S. members, including an ongoing spreadsheet of position updates.


“Workhorse” Strategies
Bruce complements the Simpler Calendars strategy with others he uses to create a mix of trade positions to generate income in any market environment.

And so much more…

As an active B.I.A.S. Quarterly member, you’ll see Bruce’s strategies in action.
Why trade alone when you can get trading ideas from Bruce in real-time?

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