Short Interest Secrets

How to Make Extraordinary Gains from All-Time Highs


With Danielle Shay
Director of Options


Use The Same Strategy and Indicators Behind Danielle's 500% Account Growth in 3 Months

Danielle Shay, Director of Options, delivers a strategy responsible for her 5x gains in 3 months and John's $1.1 Million TSLA Trade.

You’ll learn exactly how Director of Options, Danielle Shay, targets and achieves extraordinary gains in the options market off of her favorite setup which uses the secrets of high short interest, that has allowed her to quintuple her options accounts twice this year. This is the hottest pattern in the market right now. Danielle can teach you exactly how to identify this setup that targets tickers set to explode - before they take off.

Before Danielle used high short interest, she regularly targeted 20-50% annual gains. After instituting this strategy on a regular basis, she has consistently doubled, tripled and even quintupled accounts. This strategy pairs perfectly with the strength of the market that we are seeing right now, as this pattern gets even stronger when the market shows strength. With the strength of the market since the COVID lows came in, this setup has been Danielle’s favorite  allowing traders to capitalize on her most explosive strategy. 

Here’s why you don’t want to miss this class…

The Short Squeeze exists in any market, but it’s particularly prevalent right now due to undeniable strength in the market. Unlike most setups, at the highs, this setup gets even better. Best of all, she trades them with low risk, high reward option strategies, fit for any size trading account. 

And you can pocket astonishing gains off of these moves, like:

  • $6k in TSLA overnight on vacation
  • Multiple moves in CHWY - including 80%, 100%, and 300% gains
  • Quintupling an account earning 200% + gains in SPCE and TSLA
  • A $2,500 day in PTON - on a 10k account
  • How to regularly target 100-300% gains

In fact, Danielle used trades like these to quintuple her options account prior to the coronavirus, when she cashed it out to buy a lakehouse and a boat. Not even three months later, she turned right around and did it again - in the midst of the pandemic. 

The secret?

Most setups have an average expected move, but this master setup targets the most explosive moves of all. It’s different because it’s due to too many traders being on the wrong side of the trade. Hedge funds are always shorting stocks, and unlucky for them - but lucky for us - many of these highly shorted names have turned out to be huge pandemic winners, providing fantastic buy opportunities for traders, if you know where to spot them. Danielle knows exactly how to spot them, and she will teach you the pattern that leads to greater-than-expected moves - which equals multiplying gains for options traders. 

This is the type of strategy that helped her achieve:

  • Over $4k in a single day while she was fishing, 
  • Another $2,500 while homeschooling
  • A $6,500 day which equaled a 40% account gain.

What’s more… she is only trading about two hours of the day, while enjoying the rest of the day to make her money work FOR her.

And she’s not the only one who has learned to exploit high short interest for extraordinary gains. If you’ve heard of our Founder, John Carter’s million dollar TSLA trade, you’ve already heard of high short interest (even if you didn’t know it at the time). Well, Danielle has made tweaks to this trade, and made it accessible for traders wanting to build small accounts, like herself.

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That’s a fraction of what’s possible when you exploit high short interest.

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This strategy is responsible for Danielle's 500% return in 3 months and John's $1.1 Million TSLA Trade

Here is what fellow Simpler Trading members
said about trading with Danielle:


“You are the best Danielle. Your passion to help others and teaching capabilities are authentic and effective. Game changing opportunity.”

-  Dan R.

"Awesome class @danielleshay, I love hearing you go through your process out loud for us. Gives me a great idea of what to look for and how to think, thank you."


"This class was especially awesome because you pulled so many parts of options trading together! TYVM"

-Brad from PHX

Danielle's Recent Short Interest Trades:

5x account gain 9.1.2020 profits

500% Gain in 3 Months for the Second Time this Year


25% Return in One Day With Short Interest Secrets


100%+ Return Winners Consistently With This Easy To Learn Strategy

Basic Package / $497 $997

Strategy Class Only

Tired of sitting on the sidelines as the market surges to new all-time highs? What if you could nail the high short interest setups that we’re seeing a lot lately? Well that’s exactly what Danielle’s Shay’s newest strategy is designed to do with strictly limited risk. When the market’s incredibly strong, it opens up the doorway to take advantage of large, greater-than-expected moves fueled by short covering. These moves can generate quick gains like the $6k in TSLA Danielle made just sitting poolside or the quick 20%-25% move in AMD in 3 weeks.

Despite her reputation as a conservative, directional trader, Danielle developed this strategy to profit as the market continues to rise to new, all-time highs. For the first time ever, she’ll share her step-by-step aggressive options strategy for reliably profiting from high short interest situations.


In this Short Interest Secrets class session you’ll discover:

How to safely exploit these all-time highs without getting burned

Case Study: Danielle’s $6k TSLA profit while on vacation, poolside

Danielle’s biggest wins of 2020 (and who she’s watching)

Danielle’s newest tool, the TurboVZO that combines 2 expert indicators into 1

Total Value: $997

Pro Package / $797 $2,691

Strategy Class + TurboVZO Indicator + TrendStrength Turbo Candles Indicator + VZO Signals + 2 Recorded Live Trading Days


TurboVZO Indicator is a combination of two popular indicators. It tells you when confirmed volume moves are happening, which allows you to jump on for the ride. In addition to providing ideal entry signals, it also helps you exit trades based on the same equation. This is an ideal entry and exit indicator that’s the cherry on top of the strategy discussed in this class. The equation that’s built into this indicator came from several years of Danielle using the Volume Zone Oscillator. So she built off that formula and upgraded it with additional math to produce usable signals.


TrendStrength Turbo Candles is a collaboration between several tools. Danielle’s candles, which populate based on price in relation to the moving averages and how the moving averages are stacked, AND the 10X Indicator, which identifies volume and momentum. This creates the perfect harmony to help identify trend + volume/momentum.

Available for both ThinkorSwim and TradeStation platforms.


VZO Signals is designed to offer objective entry timing specifically calibrated to the Turbo VZO Indicator. Trend direction is automatically factored in!

Available for both ThinkorSwim and TradeStation platforms.

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2 Days of Recorded Live Trading with Danielle Shay

Take advantage of our popular recorded live-trading sessions because it’s during market hours that everything you learned in the Strategy class comes together. Make this strategy your own by immediately turning your new knowledge into action.

This is your chance to watch over Danielle’s shoulder in real time as she looks for high short interest, aggressive setups with her newest indicators, the TurboVZO and TrendStrength Turbo Candles .

It’s amazing how much it is possible to improve your skills by watching a few trading sessions.

Total Value: $2,691

Best Value

Elite Package / $1097 $4,285

Recorded Strategy Class + Psychology of Trading Sessions + Squeeze Indicator + 8_34 EMA Cross Indicator + 11 Fibonacci Price Tool Videos + Live Trading Session Recordings + Ready Aim Freedom Class + Simpler Options Quarterly Membership

With the Elite Package, you get everything included in the 5 Star Options Income Plan Basic and Premium Packages PLUS Simpler Options Quarterly Membership (renews at $679 per quarter)

Simpler Options is designed to help you stay up to date on everything options related. Within Simpler Options, you have access to our team that brings 100+ years of trading experience. Having trading mentors is one of the most important things when learning to trade. We don’t want you to waste your time wading through business after business, trying to find an experienced trader you can trust to guide you in the right direction. That’s one of the main reasons Simpler Options is so loved, you have access to an entire team of trading mentors.

Additionally, as a Simpler Options member, you have access to:

Options Live Trading Chatroom: For more than a decade our community has gathered to look for high-probability trades together. Members of all experience levels watch our charts in real-time during interactive online sessions. Some members even continue to share ideas and chat after hours, too.

Trade Alerts: We know not everyone can watch the market during the day. As an Options member, you can follow our trades in real-time as we offer instant alert services so you can follow the action from wherever you are with only a smartphone or tablet.

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Premium Newsletter: Every week night you’ll get premium videos from the trader who runs your membership with valuable info that reviews the previous day’s trades as well as prepares you for the next trading day.

Weekly Watchlist: Receive a curated list of tickers that our trading experts are keeping an eye on (which will be posted by the end of the day every Monday) along with a “rundown” explaining the picks.


Earnings Secrets” Session ($297 value)

Learn how to use Danielle’s explosive strategy specifically during Earnings Season (her favorite time to trade all year). Why Earnings? This season comes up four times a year, and it generally produces several strong opportunities a week. These explosive moves caused by Earnings can be traded for rapid intraday profits as well as swing trades. Learn her short squeeze Earnings twist during this exclusive session only available to Elite package purchasers.

Total Value: $4,285


Danielle is a market analyst, trader and expert commentator. She’s the Director of Options and the head of Simpler Foundation at Simpler Trading. As a former teacher, her goal is to help traders grasp the basics that make trading simpler — no matter their skill level. She has the keen ability to relay trading information in small tangible bits where even the ‘best’ of traders will find her insights useful and easy to understand. Her primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well.

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