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Looking for a proven way to boost your stock trading results??

Quickstart to Precision Trading

Accelerate your trading journey with the right mindset

Discover TG Watkins’ “inner game” for trading stocks with precision and accuracy

TG credits this mindset shift for his $4.4 million account growth in under eight months.

What’s the missing piece to the trading puzzle? A successful mindset is as important as using quality tools. Too many think all they need is the right system or indicator while they ignore the mindset mistakes that have destroyed countless unsuspecting traders..

So, do you have a proven plan for long term trading success? Fact is,stock traders of all experience levels need an effective and accurate trading plan.

TG reveals how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes and continuously improve at trading.

Now that TG Watkin has more than a decade of trading experience, he’s sharing the “behind the scenes” strategies and tactics that allowed him to level up as a trader.

Quickstart to Precision Trading” course offers a proven path for successful stock traders to follow.

TG designed his unique system to help traders get an unemotional view of the market. He developed a video training on how he stays on track to reaching his financial and lifestyle goals as much as possible.

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

A systematic approach to trading with a calm, clear, objective outlook

A method of trading that can be used regardless of market conditions

The best way that TG has found to achieve balance in his life as a trader

How to level up your results with the right mindset as quickly as possible

What you need to know about the mechanics of trading with stock charts


Choose The “Quickstart to Precision Trading” Package You Want:

What's Included:

Strategy Class
(Value $197)

Moxie Indicator™ + Scans
(Value $497)

Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Quarterly
(Value $457)



  • Strategy Class (Value $197)
  • VWAP Max Indicator Bundle
  • 2 Days Recorded Live Trading
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  • Recorded Strategy Class
  • VWAP Max Indicator Bundle
  • 2 Days Recorded Live Trading
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    Recorded Strategy Class
    VWAP Max Indicator Bundle
    2 Days Recorded Live Trading
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    Here’s what others say about trading

    with TG Watkins’ strategy:


    “Thanks a lot TG.. it's amazing what you have done. You have displayed calm and kept to your rules (like you have said many times).. I am so glad to have you guide this plane.”
    - AJ 

    “…Thanks for this service.  I am grateful for your way of looking at the market and feedback you give all of us.”
    - Steve AK

    “Man. Thank you again. I don't think you know how lucky I feel to be here. This has been such a game changer. team TG for life!”
    - Dre

    “I just wanted to reach out and say a big ""THANK YOU"" for your teaching and the service you provide.”
    - Jack White

    “Thank you TG.  So glad I did this.”
    - Linlo

    Basic / $97

    Total Value $197

    Recorded Quickstart to Precision Trading Video

    In this training, TG Watkins breaks down his own trading psychology.

    It’s essential for all successful traders to have a calm mindset and clear objectives. So no matter what the market is doing, you can move forward toward achieving your trading goals.

    The mindset revealed in this class can be used to trade stocks, options or futures. If you want more consistent trading results, this Quick Start to Precision Trading Course is a prerequisite.


    PREMIUM / $497

    Total Value $694

    Quickstart Video + Moxie Indicator™ + Scans

    Moxie Indicator™

    TG created the Moxie Indicator™ so he didn’t have to look at “spaghetti” charts with a ton of squiggly lines.

    Moxie is designed to read the profit potential of any stock. Use this tool to look beyond price to identify big moves in stocks before they happen.

    TG wouldn’t trade a day without the Moxie Indicator™


    Bonus: Moxie Stock Scans

    Moxie Stock Scans works to identify actionable trade setups more quickly and easily. This makes it possible to identify stocks with specific Moxie Indicator conditions. The goal is to simply select the best trades and only target the most actionable setups without having to scour charts manually. Many get stuck in bad trades because they don’t have a proven way to find opportunities where they have a true edge. This scan puts that power at your fingertips.

    Currently available on thinkorswim®.

    ELITE / $797

    Total Value $1,291

    Quickstart Video + Moxie Indicator™ + Scans + Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Quarterly

    Moxie Indicator™ Mastery

    The Moxie Indicator™ Mastery membership is where TG shows others how to master his proven strategy at their own pace. This is where he shares his Moxie Indicator™ setups in real-time so members can follow along. The goal is to help you trade consistently with highly actionable setups.

    We weren’t born knowing how to trade. It is a learned skill that must be continuously improved whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader.

    Moxie Indicator™ Mastery gives you access to ongoing training and live-trading sessions designed to build confidence in your skills and follow a disciplined trading plan

    Here’s a quick look into your membership benefits:

    Live trading directly with TG once a month

    Use the Moxie checklist to guide your trading

    Weekly real-time trade alerts of Moxie setups

    Exclusive Q&A about all things trading twice per month

    Learn to “see” beyond stock price to catch big moves early

    24/7 access to your members Learning Center


    And so much more…

    As an active Moxie Indicator™ Mastery member, you’ll see the latest strategies in action from TG in real-time.

    Your membership automatically renews each quarter for as long as you want to stay. When you choose the Elite Package, you can log in and get instant access today and dive into the training in the members area.

    About TG Watkins

    As Director of Stocks, TG Watkins delivers a pinpoint process to identify straightforward setups on stock charts regardless of market direction. After graduating with his mechanical engineering degree, TG earned his Series 6 and 63 licenses to begin his career with a national insurance and finance company. His long history of stock market trading inspired him to leave corporate life after a few years. He then went on to develop his proprietary Moxie Indicator™ and trading system. After years of trading and presenting educational seminars, he decided to help more people by joining the Simpler Trading team. His passion for sharing the Moxie Stock Method never ends.

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