Micro Voodoo Line® Strategy

How to Automatically Predict Tradeable Levels in a Violently Choppy Market With John Carter, David Starr, & Henry Gambell

Discover the New Road Map for Active Day Traders…

For over 12 years, swing traders have had a dynamic road map for tradeable support and resistance levels. Now, day traders can get the same edge. Knowing your levels is the key to consistency in a market with violent intraday swings. Forget manually drawing support and resistance lines. Everyone does that, so there’s no edge. That’s where you’re likely to get stopped out by AI trading bots. Don’t play their game!

With Micro Voodoo Lines®, you have a road map of dynamic buy and sell levels for the major stock indexes (and select stock symbols). Follow along as John Carter, David Starr, and Henry Gambell reveal exactly how they day trade these levels. Each has their own unique edge you can follow. This is your chance to be among the first to have the Micro Voodoo Lines on your charts!

When you sign up for the Elite Package you’ll also get five recorded live trading sessions with John Carter, David Starr, and Henry Gambell. Watch their screens as they target setups using the Micro Voodoo Lines®. During these sessions, you’ll see the different ways John, David, and Henry trade these dynamic levels in step-by-step detail.


Stock Index Day Traders

Futures Traders

ETF Traders

Options Traders

All Levels of Traders

More About What’s Included in this Course:


David Starr’s intraday Micro Voodoo Lines® are designed to expose dynamic support and resistance levels in the most actively traded stock indexes (and select stock symbols). Because the market is ever-changing, David updates the Micro Voodoo Lines® periodically. Available for ThinkorSwim and TradingView.


If you’re new to trading options and futures, these classes give you exactly what you need to know without bogging you down with confusing jargon or needless theory. You’ll learn the “Simpler way” to trade them so that you’re prepared to take full advantage of the new Micro Voodoo Lines Strategy right away.


Get 3 months of our Simpler Central membership FREE. You’ll have access to live trading sessions with our team of pros, including Danielle Shay, Taylor Horton, Bruce Marshall, Allison Ostrander, Kody Ashmore, Sam Shames, and more!
You also get access to the Chat Room, Real-Time Alerts, Daily Premium Videos, Training Room, and our Weekly Watchlist. 


What's included
  • Strategy Class (Value $597)
  • Micro Voodoo Lines® Indicator (Value $697) + $47 Monthly Sub
  • Bonus: Futures 101 Class
  • Bonus: Options 101 Class
  • 5 Days of Recorded Live Trading (Value $1600)
  • Simpler Central Membership (Value $679)
What's included
  • Strategy Class (Value $597)
  • Micro Voodoo Lines® Indicator (Value $697) + $47 Monthly Sub
  • Bonus: Futures 101 Class
  • Bonus: Options 101 Class
  • 5 Days of Recorded Live Trading (Value $1600)
  • Simpler Central Membership (Value $679)


@henrygambell Really appreciate the time from you both. I've enjoyed the VooDoo product and cant live without it @Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

- Chester

@henrygambell @dstarr Staar - Sincere thanks. Truly appreciate the immersion into the voodoo lines and equipping me with one strong tool to get clarity in the markets. Thank you!!!

- Abhaya

@henrygambell - closed out TSLA fly based off fireline. Thx to you and @Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for being such a great resource!

- Richard_ATX

@henrygambell @Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - great session today! Loved the trade ideas but also just good knowledge so we can learn to do it ourselves!

- Richard_ATX

@FWTrader I forget to tell you how much I appreciate you and the VooDoo lines. They are so incredibly valuable as a context, especially during market shenanigans and help me hang onto winners longer. They make all the difference. Thank you very, very much. aka marin

- Caegen

"@dstarr @JC The Voodoo lines are incredible and almost magical. I will personally attest to how valuable they have been to me over the past 4 years that I've used them.

- Skydiver Jim

"@Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - The voodoo lines are a huge add to Jc Quick hits strategy."

- Fibgator

John Carter

Founder of Simpler Trading®
John started Simpler because he wanted to create a community of traders, who educate others simply because they care about other people’s success. His setups, market knowledge, and guidance to continually improve yourself as a trader are invaluable.

John is the trading expert everyone turns to when the markets go awry (as they often do), and many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own strategies. He’s truly one of the best with a level of passion that draws people in, which has transformed him into the famous trader he is today.

David Starr

VP of Quantitative Analysis
David is Simpler Trading’s “Mad Scientist”. He is the creator of the popular Voodoo Lines and Ready, Aim, Fire! indicators. A trained theoretical mathematician who later took his MBA first in his class, he now trades full-time in addition to helping Simpler Trading clients achieve their own success.

He is passionate about stressing that the key to trading success is understanding and managing one’s own emotions. Traders who have taken David’s classes or listen to him daily in the Simpler Futures room use his insights to take their trading to the next level. 

Henry Gambell

Sr. Managing Director of Options Trading  

Henry is the absolute “zen master” when it comes to being a trader. He portrays the cool, calm, and collected side of trading – a side most traders struggle with for years. He helps traders see the analytical approach to trading, and why you should or shouldn’t logically jump ship with his day trading tips and tricks.
Henry can be found in the Simpler Central and Voodoo Mastery Live Trading Chat Rooms. During his sessions, he focuses heavily on scanning for new setups, managing open trades, and walking traders through new trades. He has a knack for breaking down hard-to-understand macro topics to a finite, easy-to-digest, micro-level.


A: You get instant access to The Micro Voodoo Line Strategy class recordings immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking the order button on this page.  Or call or email our awesome support team at (512) 266-8659 or [email protected].

A: The Micro Voodoo Lines are built primarily for day trading. Although if you are a swing trader, they can be used to to time the best intraday entries for your swing trades.

A: Yes, you can log in using the Simpler Trading App with your username and password from anywhere with a good Internet or wireless connection.

A: Traders who sign up for this class will have access to the recording of not only the class itself, but also the live trading sessions associated with it forever.

A: The Micro Voodoo Lines Indicator is available for ThinkorSwim ,TradingView, TtadeStation and MotiveWave.

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