Never Run Out of Setups…

Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders:
Get Precise Price Triggers and Targets

Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders:
Get Precise Price Triggers and Targets

Learn the ‘Golden Ratio’ to Reveal Hidden Moves

Join Carolyn Boroden to discover how to use ‘Fast Fibonacci’

Join Carolyn Boroden to discover
how to use ‘Fast Fibonacci’

Overcome struggles when entering or exiting trades with precise timing.

“Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders” is a time-tested, powerful strategy for traders who want to buy AND sell setups that catch both sides of price action.

This strategy defines actionable entry and exit points in stocks, futures, ETFs, and options.

You’ll discover how this presents a simple, yet profound idea: Never run out of setups when you can drill down to Fast Fibonacci levels on smaller time frames.

There’s no need to chase trades or settle for low-probability setups. Once you know how to spot entries and exits intraday, you’ll see how much opportunity hides inside a daily chart (no matter what you trade).

Fast Fibonacci presents opportunities for all skill levels and styles of traders. This is a chance to dramatically fine-tune your timing with these intraday levels and precise triggers. That means you can potentially target larger gains off the daily chart.

If you miss a setup on the daily chart — like the latest breakout in the market — you can’t go back in time, but you can still participate by focusing on smaller time frames.

Every trader knows the heartbreak of missing huge moves. This strategy helps keep analysis simple so you can go from one trading decision to the next, based on Fast Fibonacci support and resistance levels.

Here’s an example of how this works. Notice the two green circles…

Intersection 9

Those were two Fast Fibonacci intraday buying opportunities, even though the trend was down on the daily chart.

So, if you missed the rally, that’s okay. Even if you are a swing trader, you can always find opportunities by drilling down to smaller time frames.

Discover the Golden Ratio of Fibonacci trading

Many overlook the power of applying the Golden Ratio in daytrading with Fast Fibonacci.

That’s a costly mistake because the precision of symmetry in shorter time frames can help capture intraday price action. Even if you follow daily or weekly charts, you can use Fast Fibonacci to time entries and exits with greater confidence. The key is to know how to identify precise triggers and targets.

Fast Fibonacci is presented by Carolyn Boroden, also known as the “Fibonacci Queen.” Carolyn has been enlightening traders for decades with precision Fibonacci strategies. In this pre-recorded course, Carolyn guides traders with detailed steps for applying Fibonacci analysis to find precise, low-risk entries and exits for winning trades.

Once you see how Carolyn runs Fibonacci retracements, extensions, and projections, you may never want to trade without these short-term price levels again.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

How intraday Fibonacci price levels can help fine-tune entries and exits 

Why you never run out of setups when you can find opportunities intraday 

How to trade against the daily chart to capture quick intraday moves 

Why swing and position traders can dramatically improve profitability and reduce risk with precise intraday triggers and targets

How to gain clarity in your setups by focusing on intraday symmetry

What intraday time frames to follow (including specific tick charts) 

Which indicators Carolyn uses and how she sets up her charts

 5 key elements of a written trading plan (so many traders get this wrong)

And so much more…

Choose The ‘Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders’ Package You Want:

What's Included:

Strategy Class
(Value $497)

Homework Videos
(Value $197)

Recorded Live Trading
(Value $697)

Fibonacci 1-Month Membership (Value $197)



Strategy Class
Homework Videos
Recorded Live Trading
Fibonacci 1-Month Membership
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Strategy Class
Homework Videos
Recorded Live Trading
Fibonacci 1-Month Membership
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Strategy Class
Homework Videos
Recorded Live Trading
Fibonacci 1-Month Membership
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Here’s what others say about Carolyn and trading with Fibonacci:


“Of everything I have learned in this trading journey Fibonacci is by far the most amazing and Carolyn’s accuracy is frankly incredible.”

- D.R.C.

“I am grateful to Carolyn Boroden… She is a true professional who really does care about her subscribers. Carolyn has simplified my investment process. I have no need for any bells and whistles for my trading. The days of frenetic trading are done and the fewer trades are far more profitable.”

- N.M.

“Carolyn, I have been trying to trade for 18 years to replace my wages as a Long Haul Truck driver in Australia. You have transformed my life to finally realise my dream of being able to support myself with enough income to stay off the highway. I just want to say that I am so very grateful to have found you, and that you are truly amazing in the studies that you share. I cannot thank you enough.”


“Carolyn, I felt the need to thank you for teaching me to trade using your work. I have a day job, so your nightly videos are critical for me personally, along with the charts you update. Thank you again for helping me be a better trader.”

– E.B.

“Thanks so much! Fibonacci has changed everything for me. Exactly what I have been looking for! Your work is amazing!”

– C.T.

“You are such a great teacher and an incredible contributor to Fibonacci  teachings. I am so blessed and grateful for all your work, Carolyn. You have changed my entire life with your work. Thank you.”

– P.M.

BASIC / $397

Recorded Strategy Class (Value $497) + Homework Videos (Value $197)

The “Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders” recorded strategy class delivers a step-by-step process to learn how this formula can be used for options, stocks, indexes, ETFs, and futures. Traders of all skill levels and styles can apply Fibonacci to catch both sides of price action. This works even if you’ve “missed” a big move!

Learn to drill down to Fast Fibonacci levels on smaller time frames and never run out of setups no matter market direction. Following the Golden Ratio provides the method to limit risk while pursuing price, time, and symmetry across any chart.

Keep in mind that Carolyn Boroden, also known as the “Fibonacci Queen,” rarely presents intraday courses. This recorded course offers an opportunity to dive into her decades of Fibonacci experience that has been featured on major financial media outlets and shared in speeches to traders around the world.

The “Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders” recorded strategy class gives you access to Carolyn’s much sought after insight into identifying timing cycles to catch significant moves in the market. You can immediately take advantage of this training, and review Fast Fibonacci over and over again to build a trading plan for the future.

Homework Videos

You will also receive a robust- library of videos and presentations on how to use Fibonacci and the computer platform Drawing Tools across various charting softwares. These are the details you can review as many times as you want to speed up your learning curve.


PREMIUM / $497

Strategy Class (Value $497) + Homework Videos (Value $197) +
Recorded Live Trading (Value $697)


The Premium Package delivers everything in the Basic Package with instant access to the “Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders” strategy class recordings, E-Learning Module, Homework Videos, PLUS the Recorded Live-Trading Sessions.

This is your chance to watch recorded sessions of Carolyn Boroden trading during market hours. Seeing how Fibonacci plays out during a real market session is key to learning faster. We’ve seen over the years how following along in this trading environment speeds up the learning curve. These recorded sessions display how the Fibonacci tools work within any market to identify trades.

Along with the strategy class, this is where you can take Fast Fibonacci to the next level. When you understand how Fibonacci tracks timing, price, and symmetry, then all the strategies and tools come together to develop your trading skills.

Fast Fibonacci live-trading sessions recordings offer the best way to show you how to day trade futures, stocks, ETFs, and options like Carolyn.

ELITE / $597

Strategy Class (Value $497) + Homework Videos (Value $197) +
Recorded Live Trading (Value $697) + Fibonacci Gold 1-Month Membership (Value $197)

With the Elite Package you get everything included in the Basic and Premium Packages PLUS a 1-month access to Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership.

Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership is the only way to get direct access to Carolyn Boroden, the “Fibonacci Queen.” Her training is revolutionary as it unwraps the actual time axis of the markets. Carolyn does all the work for you and keeps you updated with detailed daily videos.

Her method of combining price and symmetry with a well-defined time element is a huge edge over other traders who never truly look at REAL TIMING of the markets.

Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership is your way to avoid flying blind or acting on emotions when trading. Even if you’ve struggled to grow an account in the past, Carolyn’s training delivers eye-opening insight into predicting trades as you develop Fibonacci time and price mastery.

Here are some added benefits of Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership:


Nightly Video Updates
Nightly Video updates to explain trade setups and charts to prepare you for the next trading day


Fibonacci Breakout Room
24-hour access each market day to the Fibonacci Breakout Room (Carolyn is live in the room twice a week)


Meet Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden is a top-notch technical analyst, who specializes in advanced Fibonacci strategy, in addition to a published author. With over 30 years of experience, she has helped countless traders grasp the concept of Fibonacci (including John Carter himself). The Simpler Trading team, particularly John, Henry, and Danielle, intertwine Carolyn’s work on Fibonacci retracement, extension, and projection analysis into their own daily routines. She’s the go-to gal for everything Fib. Her goal is to teach you to take your trading destiny into your own hands and help you define trades to fit your own personality.

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